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Guide for Grinding in Tree of Savior

As many player know, usually there are three goals for grinding in tree of savior, they are Recipe Components, Silver, and EXP separately. In fact, pure grinding is a facet in tree of savior. You need to spend more time on quest grind in TOS.


Quest grinding is the genre that most players expect from the modern MMORPG. They expect to tell them what to do, where to go, how to do it. Etc. Most of these games show that a player from one area to the next place on individual and choose to pursue the order, apart from using strike capability.

Pure grind means getting out and killing a bunch of mobs in succession. It is a long procession and it may be no interesting to do it in tree of savior, you just run around in a small area, and blow everything and then change the channel repeatedly, which is not fun particularly. Back to the town, selling those drops, and see enjoyable silver equilibrium swelling. Not everyone believes this process is a good thing. It is not a basic tutorial in tree of savior and the story missions are beyond holding. Largely you are on your own outside the realm, which means you need to find out the best way forward. Generally it is considered that polish is the best way. Because the rate is recorded in the later beta. With the EXP rate continues, the leveling becomes more and more difficult.


Until you reach to level 80+there is no shortage of tasks to keep your EXP repair, however the task of the NPC will not show on the map directions, you still have to seek paired pure grinding mill. For example, a lot of players playing around level 40-60, and then they begin to wonder why they make bull dozed down and cannot kill the mobs effectively. The reason is that they do not keep their equipment up to standard, and they missed 50 dungeons, or maybe they have not been talking to every NPC, and the only thing they see is the sprinkle map for those quests needed. But sometimes they just need to whip out their weapons and start pounding on things.

Doing a magic soil series is the least harm and actually it attacks automatically. Then add these "bonus hit", such as cafrisun, sacraments, enchant fire, Elemental Effects, Mr Arde Lam and dagger. With the typical combination of cafrisun, Mr Arde Lam and sacraments, the blessing is optional, so you can buy it. Because it has reached the limit and you can make auto-attack actually, which causes more damage than using of class skills. The best part is the universal combination, every class can use it, which means that due to the combination, no matter how awful your mill class is or even full-CON compiler you are, you will have a certain degree of output, so it is a very pretty easy level. In addition, also you can do some serious auto damage. You may feel like a restriction Master. You could give some of the armors like int or magical damage, and even increase the SP, so you can get proficient in magic properties.