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Final Fantasy XI: The Goldsmiths' Guilds tried out by a experienced gamer

With the popularity of Final Fantasy XI Gil game expanded online, a mount of gamers-funs take part in it! However, how to play it with greatest enjoyment or get as much gold as they can, which should be confronted by all gamers! I am really a fun of this game of FF11, and I gain much experience from my playing and happy to share it with all players here. As we know Goldsmiths' can forge metal into powerful weapons and armor, delicate accessories and necessary tools.

Location: Bastok Markets, H-8
Hours of Operation: 8:00-23:00
Closed: Iceday

Rank Exam Items

Goldsmiths' Guild Rank Items

Rank Item Level
Amateur Copper Hairpin 10
Recruit Brass Hairpin 20
Initiate Silver Hairpin 30
Novice Chain Gorget 40
Apprentice Mythril Ring 50
Journeyman Mythril Gorget 60
Craftsman Mythril Breastplate 70
Artisan Torque 80

Goldsmiths' Recipes

Goldsmiths' Guild Recipes - Amateur Rank


Stone Arrowhead Wind Flint Stone (x2) 6
Copper Ingot Fire Copper Ore (x4) 1
Copper Ring Fire Copper Ingot (x2) 1
Copper Hairpin Wind Copper Ingot 1
Sapara Fire Brass Ingot (x2) + Silver Ingot 1
Brass Ingot Fire Copper Ore (x3) + Zine Ore 1
Circlet Fire Copper Ingot + Brass Ingot 1
Brass Cap Earth Brass Ingot + Bronze Cap 1

Goldsmiths' Guild Recipes - Recruit Rank

Item CrystalIngredients

Brass Sheet Fire Brass Ingot
Brass Mittens Earth Brass Ingot + Bronze Mittens
Brass Axe Fire Brass Ingot + Bronze Axe
Brass Scales Wind Brass Sheet
Brass Dagger Fire Brass Ingot + Bronze Dagger
Brass Leggings Earth Brass Sheet + Bronze Leggints
Brass Knuckles Fire Brass Ingot + Bronze Knuckles
Brass Ring Fire Brass Ingot (x2)
Brass Subligar Earth Brass Sheet + Bronze Subligar
Brass Flowerpot Fire Brass Sheet (x3)
Brass Hairpin Wind Brass Ingot
Brass Harness Earth Brass Ingot + Brass Sheet + Bronze Harness
Silver Ingot Fire Silver Beastcoin (x4)
Silver Ingot Fire ilver Ore (x4)
Tourmaline Wind Green Rock
Sardonyx Wind Red Rock
Amethyst Wind Purple Rock
Ametrine Wind Purple Rock
Fluorite Wind Purple Rock
Spinel Wind Purple Rock
Amber Wind Yellow Rock
Sphene Wind Yellow Rock
Chrysoberyl Wind Yellow Rock
Lapis Lazuli Wind Blue Rock
Clear Topaz Wind Translucent Rock
Wind Translucent Rock
Zircon Wind Translucent Rock
Diamond Wind Translucent Rock
Angelstone Wind White Rock
Onyx Wind Black Rock
Light Opal Wind White Rock

Above all just one part of my experience, and I will continue posting the other parts online in the near future. Funs of Final Fantasty xi that interest in it can come here discussing the tactics of games or sharing such experience with me!