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World of Warcraft: Scattered Shots The Hunters of lore

Today, we'll be looking at some prominent historic figures in Hunter lore.For Hunters looking to get into role playing, a good place to start is to lo...

World of Warcraft: New Cooking recipes coming in patch 3.1

It is a good news that leveling cooking will be a little easier, as more recipes are likely to go grey a little later. New recipes are going in as wel...

World of Warcraft: World of Warcraft in liquid form

Frigid night breeze sweeps through the Blizzard Overlord's grand chamber atop the highest tower of his headquarters, but he remains unaffected by the ...

World of Warcraft : WAR population numbers revealed, but what do they mean?

When Mythic Entertainment released Warhammer Online on September 18, 2008, it quickly became the fastest selling MMORPGRPG ever. A month after release...

World of Warcraft : Could WoW Items Get a Tax?

The 2008 Tax Report to Congress states a few things that might make gamers of World of Warcraft or many other online games cringe. The report talks ab...

World of Warcraft : NPD Charts Puts WoW Expansion on Top

The NPD Group, which generates reams ofstatisticsabout products and services most of us would never read, has released the PC Sales charts for Decembe...

World of Warcraft : The WoW vs. WAR debate makes Top 10 list of video game rage

Alec Meer of Rock, Paper, Shotgun in recent times put a new twist on the 'top 10' lists that are cropping up at year's end -- a sort of top ten of gam...

World of Warcraft : One Shots: Wyrmrest Temple

The biting chill of the frosty Northrend air sears the lungs of all but the hardiest of adventurers. Today's World of Warcraft One Shots sent to us fr...

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Direct Download

Get Lich King without leaving your house For everyone that has not yet picked up Wrath of the Lich King, Blizzard is making it very easy for you to do...

World of Warcraft: BlizzCast episode 6 available for download

Starcraft and Diablo fans will find the gameplay information in this BlizzCast more interesting than people who are exclusively WoW players. As always...

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