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Warhammer: The Frigid Fields of High Pass [CRPD Wk 9]

The quiet sway of the wind lifted strands of Domine`s twisted locks from her shoulders. The bitter cold threatened to return the blush of life to her deadened cheeks as she paused at the bottom of her short descent, a feathery trail betraying her passing. She tilted her head slightly at the distant fluttering, and lifted an arm where her coal winged guardian came to rest, barking forth an impatient caw.

Enid bellowed, a great noise from her small body, in a language Domine did not care to understand. The first wave hit with a scorching wind. Domine felt her feet sinking into the snow below, but was unscathed. A flood of blistering pain erupted along Domine`s skin, the itch unbearable. She fumbled for her pouch, violently rubbing a handful of herbs into the spreading keloids.

The raven flung the eyeball into the air and threw its head back, gulping down its prize. Enid screamed, (Aqshy!), and the land surrounding them transformed into a hissing lake. Feeling her balance fail, Domine slid backwards into the rushing fall of ice and snow at her back. She threw her blade at a branch above, the faded sunlight catching in its ornate etchings. It struck its mark, and in the distance a chorus of death could be heard approaching.
A violent explosion shook the trees as the figure gasped, spitting embers from its mouth, the small well bursting into a seering cloud of steam. The heat raced up Domine’s spine and down her throat, and before it could choke her she ran a finger along the edge of her knife, flinging the blood in an arc before her. The steam parted with a dramatic sound, curtains parting to announce the start of the ballet. The figure rose up and coughed, and Domine again raised her fist, tightly gripping a cracked and war-weary skull. A beguiled smile spread across her face as the blood trickled down her arm.

The horizion grew dark as the sky blackended with the fury of hundreds of beating wings. Enid sank to a halt as she looked up, a grimace of horror extinguishing her ire. The storm descended upon her in a terrible vortex, swallowing her remains. Domine rose up and called out,“Your soul belongs to Tzeentch! Behold the wrath of the Raven God!

Enid waded towards the zealot, her shoulders trembling in rage, sending waves of steaming soot and fizzling earth before her. The chorus was growing louder, building upon the grand symphony of their dance, accentuated with the tinkling sound of broken glass as the icecicles fell from the surrounding cliffs.