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Final Fantasy XI: Secret of al Fantasy XI

FFXI Secret Final Fantasy XI Secrets

Final Fantasy XI secrets are like any other secret in the game. Most of these are just things most people will pass by without thinking twice of. An example of a FFXI secret is how to access the airship with no pass needed. This allows any mule to get on the ship and fly around the world as needed without needing to pay for the pass. This secret can also be used on other places where a key is needed or you cant get past a door. FFXI secrets some players think can be all the locations of specific mobs in the game and some of the secret leveling locations for special mobs. For the ones that think that they are 100% correct as it is exactly that. Knowing things that put you above others while at the same time not violating the rules of conduct of the game is what a secret is. One could also think of ffxi secrets as ffxi exploits but without the risk of being banned

Here is an example of FFXI Secret Final Fantasy XI Secrets Information submitted by our community. Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed



Make sure that the recipe that you need is in the cookbooks, if NOT see below

1)Add the rectory that you extracted the bot into to the actool preferences
2) load up settings.exe and locate the item you want to synth. Navigate to the guild and select the item in the box below. It will show you the ingredients needed for the synth
3) Change all the settings as needed on settings.exe
4) when finished save the settings, exit the settings program
5) Load synth.mac and make sure that your Global Hot Keys are setup(global hot keys: Ac Tool>>Editor>>Preferences>>Global Hot Keys)
6) when in game and ready to synth start up the macro using the global Hot Keys
s as simple as that and you should be synthing according to the recipes that was assigned in settings.exe


If the recipe that you need is not in the cookbooks follow these guide lines to add your own recipes
Name = Name given to following recipe
Crystal = indicate which crystal you need.
Item1 = First item needed for synth.
Qty1 = quantity needed( 0 if item does not stack, 1-12 if item does stack) . if more items are need just add them changing item1 to item2 and qty1 to qty2. ect. Will work up to item8.