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Final Fantasy XI: How to Get Much Real Money in FFXI

Great quantity people wonder how real money trades so much online currency for the Final Fantasy XI. For most players, they have never see over 1 million FFXI Gil in their entire lifetime of playing games. With regard to the real money trades occurs only who start a new character and generate over a million dollars in less than a few hours. How do they do this?

There’s simple! Before recent updates, most of real money trades used to set their characters on bots to avoid generating the Final Fantasy XI Gil. For the most part, they utilize the robots to make the character fish on and on. Usually they would fish up something in large quantities that they make large profit from selling the items to non playable characters. There have been updates that to hindered it by requiring kinds of levels to fish in areas. Then that will be patrolled by enemies to attack low level characters in other areas.

Many of the automatic ways have been hindered by several updates, which only leave a few other options to generate a large amount of Final Fantasy XI Gil. Honestly, many people generate large amounts of Final Fantasy XI Gil on new characters which utilize items that would get from certain quest. Items such as the "Sleepga II" scroll and the "Utsusemi: Ichi" scroll can be received by a quest. Both of these items aggregate can generate over 1 million Gil if you manage to sell them at a decent price on the Auction House of Final Fantasy XI. Many people acknowledge it but they never actually initiate the process, that’s you have to do much work if you are trying to do all of this work by yourself.

On the other side, real money traders are trying to get large amount of Final Fantasy XI Gil so they have the capability to sell it for real money. Moreover, they have a great number accounts to assist them immediately, which means that they will have much easier time meeting the requirement required to do the quests given them those sought after items. As above-mentioned the items are not even half of the items that are available for a high price reward on the Auction House in Final Fantasy XI. If you really want to get those items you always wish you hand then you should get to work.

With the detailed discussion, we hope that everyone can be capable of getting tips of it without any difficulties. We also welcome your feedback and strive to make it better. Be you a player or non player in Final Fantasy XI, this information comes in handy and advice you on your consideration.