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Final Fantasy XI: Completed Hints and Tips in Final Fantasy XI

If you aren’t into exploits or don’t like using them, than you can use hints and tips which are easily available and most are just common sense and luckily, we have lots of them. One current hint and tip we have is how to farm certain mobs with ease. If you are farming things like ruby quads in Qulun dome, you know in the first room, 2 other quads spawn with the ruby.

After the last update, FFXI implemented a "fail safe" way to stop mpk'ing (monster player kill) people so anyway to get claim easy on ruby quad. Subscribe to get the rest of this hint

Here is an example of FFXI Hint and Tip Final Fantasy XI Hints and Tips Information submitted by our community in the past. (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed)

Here is the new POS tool, also I spent some time and got some translation done in the pos.dat file. you can get around places quick with this. Smile also with this version you can use hotkeys: Ctrl+F1 to Ctrl+F5 to save location and F1 - F5 to load location

oh and here's something cool, if you go to Attohwa Chasm and find Luminant, using this you can get the Stone and teleport to the top of the mountain and get an Ex/rare item called "Regain Feather" that can restore 100%hp 100%mp 300%tp if you use it. this is really hard to do but with this you can do it in seconds. Edit: (I think it's still missing some other Luminant spots, if you found any new ones please share)

UPDATE 9/3: I got some time to translate more of the pos.dat, also added in fleetool english version. download from this attachment,