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Final Fantasy XI: How to make more gil in Final Fantasy XI

Gil is the currency that is used in all FFXI games so it makes sense for FFXI to use gil. Tault provides the easiest ways to earn money from items, and tips for selling items. Also available are which monsters drop items and which ones to hunt for what items you want. Tault provides the best grinding areas to get gil and maximize your gil efficiency. Most players gain gil via killing mobs and reselling their sell in the auction house to other players for more gil. However some players use dupes and exploits to further horde their gold standings. While this practice is risky because it can result in a perma ban its very worthwhile because of the large quantities you will obtain doing so.

Here is an example of Final Fantasy XI Gils Information submitted by our community in the past. (Note this information is not valid and should be considered nerfed).

Ok, with todays prices and todays newbs, getting to 75 can be tough. So me and 5 friends decided to beat the system

Here is what this exploit requires...
1 level 30 job
5 friends to act as a static group
1 CoP expansion pack
Your limit break quests need to be done if you want to go all the way
Also you should have the quest part done to be able to enter the Promyvions.
Alrighty then, here is what we did. It was quite simple actually, we formed a gorup of all of us level 30...

Drk/Thf (me)

What we did is we all went into Promyvion Holla, went up to the 3rd floor where all the mobs are IT and VT. We found a nice little corner, and just started pulling. We managed 9 levels in the first week, and we would all just log out where we were and log back in when we decided to get together and level some more. The nice thing about this is that we were all still lvl 30 in there, but with the cap gone we were leveling up, so that means we wouldnt have to buy lvl 40 armor/weapons, lvl 50 armor/weapons, lvl 60 armor/weapons and waste cash like everyone else. The mobs still gave us good xp, and some of the drops werent so bad either. So we beat the system and got to 75 a few days ago, and I thought id share it with you. We are now helping eachother out with our AF quests since we never bothered with them. It was nice though, being able to level up without being judged by what gear we had on and having to spend 1mil+ to buy some gloves that would be the only way to get a party invite. Yes this does work, so confirm it when you can

Happy hunting