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The Detailed Final Fantasy XI Guild

The way to level any FFXI guild is look at all the recipes for your guild. Pick one that is from 4 to 6 levels above your level. It’s best to pick a recipe that is cheap on your server. Then start making the recipe until you are 3 levels away from the recipe level. At this point if you have stop using any guild gear, don’t get guild support. Doing this will allow you reach the recipe level. There are many guilds players can be apart of from special crafting guilds, to fishing guilds, the possibilities are endless. As well there are linkshell guilds which are basically the same things as guilds but it has a stronger hierarchy and more players enjoy being a part of. This special feature actually is one of the strongest features of FFXI because of how many players love that sense of community that game gives players

Here is an example of Final Fantasy XI Guilds Information submitted by our community in the past.

C+P From KI, but its interesting info

5+ songs *IS* achievable. More than 1 BRD is needed. What you do is have one BRD cast 1 song, than the second BRD casts the same song *on top* of the one the first BRD just casted. Meanwhile, the first BRD begins casting a new song, and the second BRD mimics it. The song that is cast twice is put into a sort of 'neutral' state, since it's been cast by both BRDs, but doesn't officially "belong" to either one, per se. You can continue cycling this for about 12 songs (I don't know exact number, I'm just assuming the pic above was the max) before they start to wear off

The Cycle should go something like this:

BRD1 -> Sword Madrigal
BRD2 -> Sword Madrigal
BRD1 -> Blade Madrigal
BRD2 -> Blade Madrigal
BRD1 -> Valor Minuet
BRD2 -> Valor Minuet
BRD1 -> Valor Minuet II
BRD2 -> Valor Minuet II
BRD1 -> Valor Minuet III
BRD2 -> Valor Minuet III
BRD1 -> Valor Minuet IV
BRD2 -> Valor Minuet IV
etc, etc, with more songs

You must have identical wind and singing skill ( or string if you're using a harp ) if the song you are casting is effected by those two skills, such as minuet, minne, etc. Also, you must use the same instrument ( for obvious reasons ), otherwise the songs will simply have 'no effect'. They can be HQ, they just have to be the same instrument.

This is a closely guarded secret by many HNMLS, with 2 bards in a party, the entire party can have 12+ songs.