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Final Fantasy XI

> Final Fantasy XI: Soloing Mission 2-3 Guide (Monk)

Recently, I heard that Mission 2-3, the Dragon fight was possible to solo by a MNK. At first, I couldn't believe it. Sure, the fight isn't too difficult with a small group, but solo!? The only way I could validate if it was possible was to try it myself!

First off, here is the equipment set up that I used:

Main weapon:
Bastokan Knuckles
Dmg: +5
Delay: +86
HP: +2 MP: +2
Accuracy: +2 Attack: +3

Federation Gi
DEF: 17
VIT: +1 Evasion: +3

Empress/Emperor Headband
HP: -15
DEX: +3 AGI: +3
Evasion: +10

Battle Gloves
DEF: 4
Evasion: +3 Accuracy: +3

Shield Earring(x2)
HP: +10 MP: -10

Bomb Ring
DEF: 2
HP: +15
Vs. Fire: -5

Reflex Ring(+1)
(DEF: 1)
AGI: +2
Vs. Wind: +4(+5)

Happy Egg
VIT: +1
HP: +1%

Martial Slacks
DEF: 14
AGI: +2
Evasion: +3

San d'Orian (Kingdom) Clogs
DEF: 6(7)
HP: +3(+4) MP:+3(+4)
AGI: +1

Purple Belt
DEF: 2
STR: +3
Haste: +4%

Nomad's Mantle (+1)
DEF: 2(3)
AGI: +2(+3)
Evasion: +3

For food bring:
HP +14% (Cap: 175@1249 Base HP)
MP +10
Strength +4
Vitality +2
Intelligence -3
Attack +18% (Cap: 65@361 Base Attack)
Store TP +4

For drinks:
Persikos au Lait
4 HP Regen every 3 seconds for 10 minutes, 800 total

For good measure also grab an Icarus Wing.

Now for the Strategy:
Bring /NIN sub job with a stack of Shihei

. Enter the BCNM.
2. Eat Carbonara.
3. Cast Utsusemi:Ichi.
4. Wait for Utsusemi:Ichi timer to reset.
5. Proceed to edge of BCNM.
6. Drink Persikos au Lait.
7. Target Seeker (without entering BCNM) and cast Dodge and Focus.
8. Immediately run at the seeker and engage.
9. Do not use weaponskill on Seeker!
10. After second shadow drops, cast Utsusemi:Ichi.
11. Immediately use Hundred Fists.
12. As soon as the Seeker drops, engage the Dragon.
13. Use Shoulder Tackle, immediately use Icarus Wing, and finish with Combo, to perform Impaction.
14. Proceed until the Dragon is dead

This strategy will produce victory 9/10 times. Naturally, this will be more difficult using a Tarutaru character. However all other Races will do fine.

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