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Warhammer: Keg End Holiday Festival

The holidays were made for kegs and kabooms. The only issue I have with the Warhammer Online winter holiday festival is that it refers to the last of the beer which brings me sadness. Not so says Mythic, Keg End is the season of fun: Running from the 17th of December through to the 5th of January Keg End is a festive extravaganza packed with great new items, monsters, events and challenges for gamers to master. Keg End is filled with the things Dwarfs like best - Beer, Boasting and things that explode. Whether you're letting off fireworks as you charge into RvR or searching for beers on an Altdorf Pub crawl there's plenty to do for Order and Destruction alike. Search out the Legendary Golden Stein to benefit from its damage boosting aura of Frothy Goodness, or compete with your friends to do the best bit of bragging the Warhammer World has ever seen. Keg End introduces a new emote- /boast (of course) for you to fire off at your adversaries. Make sure you set it to macro because there are rewards to be gained if you do it just right. You can also grab a free beer and /toast your comrades in arms to receive special unlocks. It brings a tear to the eye and a rumble in the belly, which can only mean one thing. More beer! To learn more about the ingame items and see screenshots of beautiful beer, oh yeah and fireworks, read more at the WAR Herald about Keg End.