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Latest Tips and Advice about EVE

Loosing ships' items' and getting podded' are all a part of EvE. However' there are several ways to increase the safety of your characters and minimize potential losses. You would be surprised to know how many cases there are in which players could have avoided big losses by just using simple ingame features and being a bit more careful. Here is a list of useful safety measures that can help to keep your clone contract unused.

Don't play the game in AFK mode. This game is not designed with this kind of playing style in mind and you should NEVER consider your ship and character safe while being away from your computer.

Enter space with security status below 0.5 at own risk. You can NEVER expect to be safe in unsecured space regardless of sentry guns' CONCORD presence' and such.

Insure all ships you are using' especially the expensive ones. Since the time of an insurance contract was changed to 12 weeks' it makes sense to buy the most expensive "platinum" type of insurance' at least for those who play quite frequently.

Don't expect CONCORD to keep you immune to attacks or ship losses. Like in the real world' law enforcers often arrive too late at the scene of the crime' and even though they able to punish the criminal' they can't always prevent the crime.

Don't rely on Sentry Guns to keep you a 100% safe. Especially not when traveling in unsecured space. There are several tactical ways to avoid sentry gun fire' which are NOT considered to be an exploit.

Use map filters such as "ships destroyed in the last hour" to spot possible player pirate camps and other dangerous areas.

Use the local chat channel to see what's happening within the system when you have just jumped in.

Use Warp Core Stabilizers to avoid being warp jammed. The more' the merrier. When you are warp scrambled you are not dead yet. You can still escape by moving away from the spot if they didn't webify you. For this' double click on empty space.

Use the auto-scanner and set it to alert you when anyone in scanning range is a potential threat to you.

Keep an eye on local; if people warp jam your ship' offer to pay them to stay alive - sometimes it works and any chance is better than the alternative.

Even in low security space' some stations have sentry guns' so if things get desperate its better to retreat to a station with sentry guns than a Jump Gate that doesn't have any.

The safest locations in low security space are in the middle of nowhere. If all gates are being monitored and there are no Stations with Sentry guns to retreat to' bookmark a few locations while in warp' and then warp back to one of your bookmarks. Sit it out there but be ready to warp to another of the bookmarks if anyone finds you.

If you are mining in low security space' align your ship with your warp out destination' this saves you time turning your ship when you need to make a fast getaway. Handy if you are in a battleship with a turning circle like a brick on ice.

When cloaked and stationary at a hostile gate' hit MWD (microwarp drive) set to manual for a 10 second burn; by the time you come uncloaked and hit your destination' the last bit of MWD will spin you around and get you into warp a lot faster.

To make a good safe spot' click on "add bookmark" in your places folder while in warp' then find that bookmark before you come out of warp and go to it. Find another spot off that track to warp to and do the bookmark thing again .This will place you between 3 points and make you very hard to find.

Keep your clones up to date!

Ensure that your autopilot is always set with a location in a different system. That way you can get to Warp (and away from danger) very quickly by just clicking the engage Autopilot button.

TREAT EVERYONE AS HOSTILE unless you know otherwise' i.e. if you don't know someone as a friend or acquaintance assume they are planning to kill you and watch them at all times