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EVE Online

> EVE: The Basic skills Online ISK Making Guide

2004,Tao joined Sohu Games, Sohu technology transition falls into online games, to seek new profit support. Then set up a Beijing Sohu Firefox Digital Technology Co., Ltd., by served as general manager and also served as Director of Game EVE Online ISK, Sohu's in charge of all R & D and Game Products operations at home and abroad, including "Dragon", "knife Sword Hero ", Sohu wow goldcasual games platform and Sohu" Journey of Hope "and so onay 2007, Sohu launch of the first self-developed massively multiplayer online games, "Dragon." This game was a great success. According to cheap dofus kamas reported in 2008, online game revenues 210,800,000 U.S. dollars, are up 4.8 times year.

Among them, the "Dragon" revenue 188.9 million U.S. dollars, are up 5.4 times year. This is a key figure behind. Dragon" In the past, low-key unknown, but its exposure to swim at least the history of programming more th an 10 years. start EVE Online ISK on time contact the University of Game rogramming, After graduating from the development of red and white plane in Fuzhou games, add the target software in 1998, served as project manager, presided over the "darkfall online gold Three Kingdoms", "two-thirds of the world" after leaving the target as interactive Game Agents Game Heaven Assistant General Manager, CTO, responsible for "cheap lineage 2 owerleveling," "Civilization III", "Operation Flashpoint" and other balance of fifty of the Chinese Games, transplantation job .

In 2002, online games to hot, the majority of domestic players abandoned the stand-alone game, select the online games. Heaven is also targetingWorld of Warcraft Power leveling opportunities for interaction between Europe and the United States agent online games fantasy masterpiece "shadowbane",take command of its operations in ChDoing missions is a great way for a new player to make ISK in Eve Online since they are basic and easy to do, Basically all you need is just a battleship and some basic fighting skillscostume jewelry to help you give out more damage and take more damage. There are 5 Levels of missions in Eve Online level 1 being the easiest ranging up to level 5 missions that can only be done in low sec systems.

If you do decide that mission running is for you them make sure you get ship insurance since missions can go wrongPvP is another way to make ISK in Eve Online but generally you need to have some skill in Eve PvP also you do need to train some decent fighting skills and you need to kit out your ship for PvP. There are better ways to make ISK for new players and this is not recommend unless you have some experience

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