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Tips of Eve - Mining

Mining is basically targeted at the maximum earnings in the least amount of time. However' there are temptations that would rather be avoided because of the potential disasters that come along with them. Here are a few tips to mining' based on some very popular temptations!
The Lure of Processed Ore

Processed ore is much more valuable than unprocessed ore. So logic will tempt you to sell the more valuable material. It will ideally net you more money. Theoretically this is spot on' but in a practical sense it isn't. Unless your mining skill is something to brag about' and if you process the ore yourself. Inexperienced miners' with no processing facility of their own' will end up with a lot of garbage' and very little sellable material. Second' processing the ore yourself will squander a resource far more precious to you than any bagful of ISK - your time. The processing is far more feasible for group miners though.

The Planning- Use Bookmarks

After checking for potential pirate threats' pick an asteroid and plan your mining the Ninja style. Appear and disappear in the mining region through Bookmarks. This way the NPC rats' and any potential pirates will have a hard time catching up with you' even if they do find out that you exist!

The idea is to bookmark your asteroid so that the next time you jump back' you should be roughly 15km away from where you want to go. Simply' set your ship camera so it is looking behind you' straight at the jump point. Start moving toward your asteroid. Go past your asteroid and keep going until you are 15km away from it' and 30km from the station' in a straight line of sight. Once you are there' bookmark the spot. You do this to save loads of time during your mining runs' as jumping from the gate will always dump you 15km before your bookmark.

Last' but not least' try to set a bookmark as close to the station as possible in order to save time on the return trip. A distance of about 8km should do. Okay! Do a test-run to make sure it all works as it should' and adjust your bookmarks if necessary. Time to mine!

Time and Money Ratio

The goal should be to maximize the 'time : money' ratio. When the hold is full' high tail back to the station. Do a market search if you really want to' get some idea of the general prices' and generally waste your time. However' it would be advisable to at least look around the first time round so you don't go on selling below market price on the whole.

Later you can fire off a quick sell offer; take any half-way decent offer that comes along. This is a far better option especially if the ore you sell is not really that valuable. The margins that can be made by being a careful seller can better be covered by hauling in more ore from the mine itself!
Don't Pod

Many inexperienced miners make the not-so-smart decision to use their pods to set their bookmarks. The idea is to save their ships for any mishaps. However' in the process they make themselves extremely vulnerable to pirate attacks. Not only are pods a lot slower than ships but their camera angle is not adjustable like the ship's. So you can't exactly bookmarks like you can in the ships' at least not with as much ease.

The general idea is that NPCs don't attack pods. Though it's pretty much accurate' but you can never underestimate the human mind. At some point in time' you'll come across players who will blast you just for the heck of it!