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> EVE Online: Four Tips For Combat

player-owned starbases (POS)

It is useful to know that player-owned starbases (POS) calculate their weapon tracking from their central control towers rather than from their individual weapon structures in EvE. POS are essential to large-scale industrial processes and also serve as mobile forts for alliances. Even getting near a POS in EVE which isn't owned by your friends is dangerous, because they can use weapons much larger than anything a subcapital vessel can carry.
Despite the dangers, Harassing jump bridge traffic is one of the best ways to avoid a group which is much larger and more powerful than you.
Don't make a mistake of orbiting a cluster of POS guns, thinking that it will increase your transversal velocity and make you take less damage as a result. The higher your transversal velocity is in reference to the tower, the less damage any turret structures will inflict on you.

Ensure Your Microwarpdrive Offline

Most PvP battleships in EvE will have a microwarpdrive fitted so that players can escape a sticky situation or quickly reposition themselves. But once the battleship is fully committed to a fight, the microwarpdrive is often ignored. That's all well and good for a maelstrom, since its weapons don't require capacitor to fire, but apocalypses and rokhs desperately need as much energy for weapons as they can manage. Ships like the raven need the capacitor for their shields, as well.

Jump Cloak Immunities

The automatic cloak in EVE that one experiences when jumping into a new solar system is different from that imparted by cloaking modules. Jump cloaks were created to allow your computer to load the new system and give you 30 seconds to acclimate yourself to your surroundings. You can neither be de-cloaked by other ships getting too close nor harmed by area of effect weapons. In times past, you were even immune to the grid-wide titan doomsdays (RIP), but nowadays jump cloaks make you invulnerable to smartbombs, remote ECM bursts, and most importantly, stealth bomber bombs.

Slip in a Tracking Disruptor

Don't forget tracking disruptors in EVE. Though it is often regarded as the red-headed stepchild of electronic warfare, tracking disruptors actually have a lot going for them. Unlike ECM modules in EVE, which were re-balanced to only be useful on ships that specialize in their use, tracking disruptors can make a significant difference even on non-specialized ships. Next time when you fly an assault frigate or interceptor and have a spare mid-slot you could consider plugging in a tracking disruptor with a tracking speed disruption script. This will reduce your target's ability to return fire with turrets, causing them to deal less damage, if they hit you at all.

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