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EQ2:Expand your Storage abilities crafting fans!

Been crafting all night and nowhere to put all that Merchant fodder? I have just the solution for you! Increase your storage by 392 slots! That right I said 392 slots and let me tell you how! Simply create an alternate toon (that's a character you don't plan on playing son, keep up) and move over 14 Pristine Sandalwood Strongbox's thru the shared banking system and there you have it (8 bank box's and 6 box's on the alternate toon. Make it 5 alternate toons and you have a whopping 1960 extra slots!! Nothing but pure storage limited only by the type subscription you have, meaning the people with a Station Pass get up to 10 characters they can create (I think it is) and people without get 6 (I think it is).

This does not allow you to move items from your FreePort character to a alternate in Qeynos so remember that the alternate you created that is FreePort based (tells you this info. when your making your character) will only have access to items from a FreePort shared bank. Ok yes I know this is not new info. and has been like this since day one however it isn't posted anywhere on this forum that search could find. Also I have told about 10 people in game about this over the last few days to see if it was common knowledge and they were all excited to find this out so it doesn't appear it is "common knowledge".

So I am submitting this knowledge not as a Bug or Hack or anything but maybe as a guide for new members interested in crafting explaining how they can store more of their crafted items while waiting for space to free up on their merchants. What you ask could drive me to giving up such INSANE information?