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How to Make a Good Dofus Guild

I've been the leader of the guild Dark Elites on the Rosal server on Dofus for over 3 years now, and many people have come up to me asking how I made my guild so successful. Really, all it takes is some dedication and patience to make a good Dofus guild. Guild management isn't as hard as it sounds and, with effort, anyone can make a good Dofus guild if they wanted to.

To make a successful Dofus guild, you'll first need to organize your guild regulations.

Organization is key to good guild management, no matter if your guild is more lenient than most or strict. Having guild rules will also encourage a peaceful guild atmosphere. Think of the things that will upset your guild body and add it to the list of "Don't"s in your guild rules. Also, add a list of "Do"s and specify what your guild members should be doing to help the guild as a whole. You can have these rules displayed in your own guild forums or a guild promotion page, such as Guildopedia or the official Dofus forums.

Once you have your guild rules in place, organize your ranking system. Guild members will want to know when they'll receive their ranks/rights. Most Dofus guilds that just have the ranks and rights handed out randomly don't make it that far. Is your ranking system going to be exp based, level based, or a combination of both? Are you going to get creative with your ranking system and have members do something instead to earn their ranks? Whatever you decide, put some thought into it. Choose your guild name once you have the rules and ranking system in place. Guild names should be creative and easy to remember, so that others can refer back to it. Some people go with humorous guild names, while others prefer to use names with symbolic meanings.

Now you're ready to make that Dofus guild. Head over to the Temple of Guilds at [1,-9] and choose your guild symbol. Usually guild symbols are related to the guild name you chose. When making your Dofus guild, you'll need a guildogem, which you can find in the miner sellrooms. You'll also need to be P2P (Paid to Play) or subscribed as a premium Dofus player.

After you've made your guild, promote it! However, try not to spam the Dofus recruitment channel. No one likes that. You can also promote your guild by spreading the word to friends, on the Dofus forums, in Guildopedia (link in the Resources section), and on Imps Village (also in the Resources section). It also helps to designate certain guild members as Recruiting Officers so you're not doing all the work Organize events for your guild so that guild members get to know one another. Events are also quite fun, especially if there's prizes to win. You can also encourage guild members to level themselves or the guild with events. For example, you can plan an event where whoever donates the most exp during a specific time frame wins a reward. Get creative with your guild events. You can also have guild events with people outside of the guild on Dofus, thus promoting your guild.

Make guild forums in order to maintain a good Dofus guild. Guild forums are a wonderful source of communication between guild members. Guild members can also go to guild forums for help, to celebrate achievements, to check out upcoming guild events, and to read important notices, like the guild rules for example. Some guilds also like to have future guild members apply to their guild via the guild forums

Form alliances with other guilds and do events with them! Guild alliances are a great way to make new friends on Dofus, while also protecting perceptors and forming tight bonds. Make sure your guild members don't attack perceptors of allied guilds though. Many people also like looking at which guilds you're connected with when making a decision whether or not to join your guild, so choose your guild alliances carefully.