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Diablo3 : Reaper of Souls - Difficulty Explained
- May 11, 2014
With the Reaper of Souls expansion launched, the difficulty levels of Diablo3 have also been changed. This change makes many players a little bit confused about what on earth these new difficulty levels exactly mean.
Diablo III : Crusader Class
- Apr 12, 2014
The Crusader is a new class for Diablo III . The class is based on the Paladin from Diablo II, who has mid-ranged spells at his/her disposal. The Crusader uses Wrath as his/her energy resource, and uses battle magic to strengthen allies and weaken foes.
Tips and Tricks: Diablo III Real-money Auction House
- Jun 16, 2012

Till today the real-money auction house, AKA RMAH, are all revealed in EU and US server of Diablo 3. Known as one of the top features of D3, a lot of players are looking forward to this, who would like to try making benefits from RMAH. It won't be easy. But worth try.

Gold and Items Farm in Diablo 3
- Jun 02, 2012

Differ from Diablo 1 & 2, farming in Diablo 3 is almost entirely random because the type of items you and the amount of gold you get, and even the enemies you face are entirely random. However, this does not mean that farming is an impossible task. Actually, it depends on how you deal with your enemies and how your luck of farming goes.

Diablo 3 Inferno Mode: Live in Hell
- May 28, 2012

As the harsh, high-level difficulty mode, harder than Hell difficulty level known as Inferno, revealed, Diablo and his minions will strike the most extreme player in Diablo 3. A larger suite of powers in Inferno was set. Each monsters you met will be even tougher. To be alive in this hell with only one life is a fighting and struggling way to go.

Solving Your Installing Issues of Diablo 3
- May 15, 2012

Since the installer of Diablo 3 unlocked on midnight launch, new issues of installing the game has been discovered. Here are solutions from Blizzard forum that might help. Most of them can be solved by common techniques, but some are harder to deal with. If you want more information on problems of the installation, you can check on Blizzard's thread with tips.

Experiencing the Diablo 3 Beta
- Apr 19, 2012

Blizzard has done nicely and very specially for the Diablo 3. As a sequne, Diablo 3 has kept what attracted us in Diablo 2, as well as improved to be much exciting and different. Blizzard has always successed in showing off its high standard. I've gone through the Diablo 3 beta lately, and would like to share my experience with you.

Diablo 3 Power Leveling strategy
- Apr 07, 2012

Diablo 3 will be launched soon(15/05/2012), how will you power leveling? Solo or group?

Be the first to have the best item and character in Diablo 3, its fame, get the best loot, sell it on AH, share it with your friends. Here i will share something, it maybe give you some help when you power leveling.