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Darkfall:The official declaims Darkfall’s first expansion

Darkfall release on February 25th, 2009, since the launch, Darkfall’s development continues even harder than before several even large patches were released but these were focus on optimization, improvement and fixes. Our entire team and all the resource at our disposal are dedicated to development and we are working to make Darkfall the best game it can possibly be. An early result of our commitment to be the game’s evolution is the first of series of regular expansion. Following are just some of the highlights:
Massively PvE Monster Re-balancing

We've been watching the PvE dynamic and taking in player and tester feedback while experimenting with the PvE/Monster balance on our test servers. We've decided to implement a massive re-balancing of monster hit points, stats, and loot tables. We agree that many of the mid and high level monsters were unreasonably difficult to fight and we have taken serious rebalancing measures where those were needed. We've increased the gold and reagent drops for most monsters and added a higher probability for uncommon and rare drops such as steedgrass and runestones. Lower level monsters have seen fewer changes than mid to high level ones. We have been testing the results of this re-balancing and, while we're still working on it, we believe that these changes will be a huge improvement and will solve many of the problems players were experiencing with PvE.
Weapon Re-Balancing

Another much needed change: Lower rank weapons were a little too powerful, and higher rank weapons were not powerful enough. We've made adjustments on both ends to restore the proper balance.
Armor Re-balancing

Most armor has received a small increase in magic resistance. This should give warriors more of a chance against concentrated area of effect spells.
Crafting price Adjustments

Most craftable items have seen a significant reduction in crafting costs and especially in gold costs. Higher rank equipment is now a lot cheaper to produce and this should improve the market for the Darkfall crafters. Combined with the new influx of gold in the economy due to the PvE rebalancing, being a crafter in Darkfall should be more profitable than ever.
*Note on Rebalancing
The adjustments in PvE, Weapons, Armor, and crafting are the results of months of observations, feedback, experimentation and testing. Even so, we'll keep watching very closely and making any further adjustments needed.
Player Housing

This has been one of the most requested features since we announced Darkfall and it's now in the game. You can now own a house on any one of hundreds of hidden locations around Agon, on small secluded islands, in the desert of Rubaiyat, the frozen wastes of Niflheim, the deep jungles of Yssam. You can find house deeds in treasure chests, on monsters, or you can buy them from other players and use them to claim your house
Houses offer house recall and can be upgraded to offer you benefits such as the capability of sharing your house with friends, the option of having a harvestable garden or a private workbench, and much more. Many feature an open window you can use to trade through more safely. You can decorate your house with numerous status symbols that you can find or earn. These range from fine paintings and hunting trophies, to chairs, tables and chandeliers.
This is just the first stage of the Darkfall Player Housing system. Over the coming weeks and months we will expand heavily on this system by adding many new and important features, new rare upgrades like for example more house slots, new decorations, and more house types. Of course this is Darkfall so housing is more than just a player home, its part of a much larger system:
The Village System

Player housing is tied in with the village system. Groups of houses make up a village. The Village System introduces many dynamic small scale PvP hotspots that clans can compete to control. The individual house ownership doesn't actually change but the village itself generates tax for its owner. Holding one or more villages generates direct gold income, potentially earning your clan thousands of gold every hour.
Four times a day all villages go vulnerable during which time they can either be reclaimed by their owner or taken over by another clan. Every six hours Darkfall turns into a no-holds barred deathmatch for control over villages and their taxes. This new feature gives every clan the opportunity to score strategic victories and to gain considerable income by protecting their holdings or taking over someone else's.
Character Specialization System

The Character Specialization System gives you the opportunity to enhance and customize your character based on your play-style. It features hundreds of options and thousands of possible combinations that can make your character a true specialist in what he does best.
The first stage of the character specialization system allows you to choose add-ons for many of your spells. Currently there are four customizations you can choose from: You may increase the damage your spell inflicts, its velocity (so it travels faster to the target), the range of the spell, or you can choose to be able to jump while casting it. You can choose one of the four options for each spell.
You can buy these add-ons from Mages in Clan city mage guilds. You may choose to customize your spells to better suit your play-style long-term, or you can make a quick change based on your immediate needs. Buying a new add-on will override the old one and there are no limitations to how often you can change the way your spells are configured.
This is the first stage of the Character Specialization System. Over the coming weeks and months we will keep adding more customizations and options, including specializations for archery and melee combat.