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Frequently Asked Questions

How to gain Demons in Darkfall
- Mar 29, 2010

Demons are born in fire, and the cradle's flames still burn in their hearts and bellies. As embers issue from furnace-hot bodies, they spew fire and molten rock upon their enemies, while pounding them with huge hammers that were forged in the infernal pits of their homeland. Ecology and behavior

Only visitors to Agon's surface, demons cause as much death and destruction as possible during their sojourns. Upon arrival, a demon first seeks to gather an army around him, then he launches a military campaign which could leave entire regions shattered. When its thirst for carnage is sated, the demon leaves Agon just as abruptly as it came, abandoning any conquests it might have made while on its large-scale rampage. Nobody knows what motivates these demonic crusades. Some say that demons consume the souls of all those who are slain by their armies, thereby gaining in strength. Others that their stays on Agon are exile sentences for unknown crimes or failings. Habitat

The exact location of the demonic homeland is not known, but it is believed to lie deep within the dark, burning regions near Agon's molten core. No path leading that deep into the abyss has been found, though many powerful clans and adventurers have sought one. The only demon currently active is Illgarm, an Ice Demon (see below) who is in the process of conquering the frozen continent of Niflheim. It has also been whispered that a demon was recently summoned and bound by Oncylus, the mage whose terrible Pall is devouring Agon's heartland. If so, this is the first time in history that a demon has been called and bound by a mortal spellcaster. Variations

Ice Demons have bluish white skin, and exude cold smoke from their bodies and helmets. They are, in fact, as cold as other demons are hot. Ice demons wield enormous warhammers, and are physically stronger than their cousins.

Darkfall Interface
- Jan 28, 2010

The UI has a learning curve. If you have played other recent MMOs, you can pretty much just forget everything you have seen. The cookie-cutter interface from WoW, EQ2, WAR, AOC is completely gone. I think people are going to struggle with it the first time they sit down and it could turn some people off. Luckily, there is a small tutorial to help you get your bearings. Right clicking the mouse turns the game into UI/Menu mode, much of what you would expect if you pressed the "ESC" key in any other MMO

When in this mode, you will see that this is the only time you have a mouse cursor on your screen. This means when you are in play mode, there is no clicking on your hotbar to active abilities, you just press the numerically assigned button on your keyboard. The UI is completely customizable as you can move and resize any window to fit your personal preference. The in-game help pretty much tells you that controls will feel better to FPS players over MMO players. The "F" key is the default use button and works just like it would in Call of Duty, as does spacebar with jumping, and "C" for crouching. The "R" key draws your weapon, and will put you into 3rd person if you have a melee weapon equipped

One of the first things you might want to do is to arrange the interface to your liking, and maybe try out different video settings

You bring up the GUI-mode by RIGHT-CLICKING your mouse. You close it again with another RIGHT-CLICK

In your backpack you will have three different starting weapons - a club, a sword and an axe. You equip one of them by either double clicking it or dragging it to the weapon slot of your paperdoll. You will always respawn with these three weapons. They can not be sold, destroyed or lost

Everything else on your character will be left on your grave when you die, and can be looted by anyone

Always make sure to keep your bank vault well stocked with equipment or gold. You will never lose items in your bank vault

To perform any attacks, you need to unsheathe your weapon. This is done by pressing R. Pressing R again will sheathe your weapon

When your weapon is sheathed, you are in 1st person view. When your weapon is unsheathed (i.e. when you are in combat mode), your view changes to 3rd person view if you are holding a melee weapon, and stays in 1st person (but with hands and weapon visible) if you are using a ranged weapon, such as a bow or a magic staff to cast spells

To cast a spell you need a staff. You can either find a staff on a monster, or buy it from an NPC vendor

Most active skills in Darkfall follow the load and fire principle. You select the skill of spell you want to perform (drag the ones you use more often to the hotbar for convenience), then press the LEFT mouse-button to perform the action

You can't loot a target with your weapon drawn. When monster or players die, they leave a tombstone which can be looted by pressing the use key. When the loot box open, this will put you into UI mode, so you will not be able to move or do anything. You also need to open your backpack (Default "B" button) and manually drag and drop the items from their corpse to your bag one at a time. This will definitely be perceived by many as clunky, but at the same time there is a case to be made by others that looting should not be fast to prevent people from cleaning out bodies quickly in the middle of a heated battle. After playing for a while, I think it has grown on me a lot because the time associated with cleaning someone out adds a risk when you are in a heated situation

My main beef with UI is the chat box. The chat box has multiple tabs that correspond to the different channels, such as group, clan, local, tells, and alliance. The problem with this is that it is becomes easy to miss messages. Let's say you are in your group chat tab running around looking for trouble, and you run across another player and kill them. Unfortunately, that player asked if he could join you and wanted to provide you with some valuable information, but you missed it because his text was under the local tab that you were not looking at because you were talking in group. Unless you are paying careful attention to the various tabs, you are bound to miss a tell or message in another channel. You can however click and drag those tabs out to create new chat windows for that channel. This also means that having a different chat box for each channel can start to clutter up your screen. I think the chat would be better served with multiple channels in the same tab, and leaving it up to the user to decide which channels they want to see in each tab. Aventurine has stated that further revamping of chat is already in the works and will arrive shortly, so there is a good chance that this will be less of an issue very soon

Darkfall: Black Knights
- Jan 31, 2010

Hell-spawned spirits clad in huge, elaborately decorated suits of plate mail armor: Black Knights are aggressive, mercilessly tenacious guardian creatures, whose glowing red eyes betray their demonic origin. Ecology and behavior

Darkfall: Monster---Goblins
- Jan 28, 2010

Goblins In wave after green-skinned wave, goblin hordes crash into the battle-lines of their enemies, seeking to overwhelm with sheer numbers and the momentum of their charge. Individual goblins sacrifice themselves almost cheerfully in battle, safe in the knowledge that there's more where they came from. Ecology and behavior

Goblins are the weeds of the monster kingdom. Tenacious and irrepressible, they resist all but the most determined of extermination attempts. Goblin tribes tend to inhabit unfancied, inaccessible wasteland regions such as swamps and rocky badlands, where they breed frenetically until all local resources are depleted. At this point, the tribe will start invading neighbouring communities, eagerly waging war until the goblin tribe either expands its territory or (more likely) is decimated and driven back to its waste breeding grounds. Habitat

Highly adaptable, goblins are an unwelcome presence in many of Agon’s regions. They are, however, rare or absent in regions such as The Icemarch and the Pall of Oncylus, where goblin numbers are kept in check by large populations of much tougher monsters. In the orkish kingdom of Morak, goblins are kept as slaves. Bred in vast numbers in dismal Slave Pits, goblins are employed as laborers, as grunt troops in battle, and as food for the voracious dragon-goddess worshipped by the orks. It is said that of the ten thousand goblins who perished during the construction of the Big Stairs in Flaming Skull, four thousand were killed in accidents, three thousand were sacrificed during inauguration rituals, two thousand were eaten by the Fire Dragon and her court, and one thousand were killed on site by whip-happy orkish foremen. Variations

Goblin Kings grow to be much larger than their subjects, not only in girth but also in height. Such outsized goblins tend to rule large tribes, with their cunning and great strength, they are more than a handful in close combat. The jungle-covered continent of Yssam is home to a particularly tough and resourceful breed of goblins. Common throughout Yssam, the Jungle Goblins worship the giant reptiles native to that continent.

Darkfall: Centaurs in Darkfall
- Jan 28, 2010

spirited and xenophobic, the centaurs of Agon patrol their hunting grounds assiduously, attacking any perceived trespasser. Centaurs are expert archers who use their mobility and local knowledge to great advantage, harassing and ambushing the intruder until he flees or dies. Ecology and behavior

Centaurs are semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers who do not build permanent homes of any kind, but roam freely through tribal territories. Quite frequently, a tribe's territory is centered on a place of natural power, such as a wildspring or a circle of standing stones. If their territory faces a serious threat, such as those posed by settlers or logging operations, centaurs might form alliances with other creatures who fight the encroachments of civilization, such as oaklords or Forest Prophet covens. Habitat

Centaur tribes may settle in any wilderness area which supports a large enough population of prey animals. They seem to prefer deep forests, though, and are common in Mirendil, Wychwode, and in the autumnal forests of the Tribelands, where they themselves are considered worthy prey for mahirim hunting packs

The Most Complete European Darkfall Guild of Dogma
- Nov 07, 2009

Greetings there, fellow future Darkfall players, this is a recruitment post issued by the guild administration of the European Darkfall guild "Dogma". The post will most likely be a relatively long read, since the concepts, philosophy and way-of-play can not be described with just a few words. You can find a link at the bottom of the articles, which is considered a "beta website" and will undergo further changes before game is released.

Background Information:

The guild "Dogma" is the latest guild, formed under the concept of "The Guild Project". The first guild driven by its ideas was formed in 2002 for the game "Horizons - Empires of Istaria". This guild was highly successful on the "Wind" server, but unfortunately the game was not bearable and the whole guild quit along with 90% of the other players of this poor MMORPG.

2004 we founded "The League" in EverQuest II, a guild on the Befallen server. Again we used the same concept of getting everyone involved in the planning and executing of the guild. We managed to create a good guild, yet we made one mistake: we chose to play on an US-based server. Sooner or later we realized, there were no Europeans left to recruit, so we "absorbed" another guild and went on by the name of "Intimidation", which again became a successful guild in raiding and a strong community. At some point we realized the flaws in EQ2s "sandbox design" and finally gave up.

Ever since the game "Vanguard - Saga of Heroes" was first announced by Brad McQuaid and the Sigil team back in 2003 we have been closely following this game to the best of our abilities, since we have regarded it as "the saviour" of the genre at this time.

The guild "Dogma" was formed as the first guild on Gelenia (later: Halgar) server and was absolutely unmatched in terms of structure, organization and success. Within four weeks we had GMs investigating how our guild bank could be this well filled already; our Guild Master "Myth" holding the guild bank being twice as rich as anyone else on this planet playing Vanguard. We had the best crafter setup ever seen, we were in control of the market and our guildies were clad in only the finest of craftable gear.

Unfortunately all this organization turned out to be null and void; all the sacrifices and all the team play was forfeit when we realized the game simply was not nearly ready. We stepped onward to face all challenges the game and its developers put us through - but eventually left the stage in March 2008.

We first read about Darkfall about 7 years ago I think. We were excited, the concept of EVE in a medieval fantasy world, focusing on the right ideals... game play, not graphics. A creative approach... well, as most of you readers will know, we could not be too sure the game would actually be released at some point. Our past experience with the MMORPG industry had taught us not to trust anyone, so we kept waiting.

Darkfall actually becoming a reality now is the driving force behind this post.

Darkfall:The official declaims Darkfall’s first expansion
- Jul 15, 2009

Darkfall release on February 25th, 2009, since the launch, Darkfall’s development continues even harder than before several even large patches were released but these were focus on optimization, improvement and fixes. Our entire team and all the resource at our disposal are dedicated to development and we are working to make Darkfall the best game it can possibly be. An early result of our commitment to be the game’s evolution is the first of series of regular expansion. Following are just some of the highlights:
Massively PvE Monster Re-balancing

We've been watching the PvE dynamic and taking in player and tester feedback while experimenting with the PvE/Monster balance on our test servers. We've decided to implement a massive re-balancing of monster hit points, stats, and loot tables. We agree that many of the mid and high level monsters were unreasonably difficult to fight and we have taken serious rebalancing measures where those were needed. We've increased the gold and reagent drops for most monsters and added a higher probability for uncommon and rare drops such as steedgrass and runestones. Lower level monsters have seen fewer changes than mid to high level ones. We have been testing the results of this re-balancing and, while we're still working on it, we believe that these changes will be a huge improvement and will solve many of the problems players were experiencing with PvE.