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Darkfall: Centaurs in Darkfall

spirited and xenophobic, the centaurs of Agon patrol their hunting grounds assiduously, attacking any perceived trespasser. Centaurs are expert archers who use their mobility and local knowledge to great advantage, harassing and ambushing the intruder until he flees or dies. Ecology and behavior

Centaurs are semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers who do not build permanent homes of any kind, but roam freely through tribal territories. Quite frequently, a tribe's territory is centered on a place of natural power, such as a wildspring or a circle of standing stones. If their territory faces a serious threat, such as those posed by settlers or logging operations, centaurs might form alliances with other creatures who fight the encroachments of civilization, such as oaklords or Forest Prophet covens. Habitat

Centaur tribes may settle in any wilderness area which supports a large enough population of prey animals. They seem to prefer deep forests, though, and are common in Mirendil, Wychwode, and in the autumnal forests of the Tribelands, where they themselves are considered worthy prey for mahirim hunting packs