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Warhammer Online

> Warhammer: Be careful when you petition a CSR, Abuse of Power

A guildie recently petitioned the fact that when playerscleared crypts the other day the brothers' bodies despawned before they looted them. He got a typical unhelpful CSR that said tough luck. We all knew he would say tough luck because this is not that other game that cares about injustices to players and remedies them quickly because they are paying fifteen dollars a month. The unhelpful nature of the CSR conversaion was not the issue, we had all not been helped several times before (I think they have "elevating this to a higher level" macroed) and we knew what to expect. The guildie has several characters that start with the same non offensive prefix. I guess he must have made the unhelpful, underpaid CSR angry because the CSR exacted what little vengeance he could with what little abusable power the game gave him and changed all of his characters name.

It always surprises me how CSRs are so willing to enrage a customer that is already pissed off. I know CSRs are merely human and their recenge on customers that piss them off is a natural human reaction but that doesn't make it acceptable.

According to the EULA names are only changed when someone reports them, not when some low paid, acne faced, highschool CSR decides to get back at a customer that razzed him for not doing his job at helping. Between the abuse of power by CSR, which obviously made a split second non objective decision for the name change, and their lame excuses of "elevating issue to the next level" and "sorry we aren't WoW so we can't help," this game is starting to piss a lot of us off. With douche bags like "" "Arian," "Clitoriea," and a host of other rediculous names, why would a CSR target someone who has an upstanding prescence on the server and has never been petitioned once. Hopefully we can get this changed back.

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