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Guild Wars: ArenaNet artists win Spectrum honors for Guild Wars

Normally I do not care about Guild Wars game updates, but today is one fixes some long standing all issues with heroes, and I am not the only one who are been driven mad by some of these.
From the changes log:


Heroes are more probably use offensive Shadow Step skills before their Health reaches 50%
Heroes will now use Black Lotus Strike against non-hexed foes when appropriate.


Heroes are more probably use Attacker is Insight during the combat


Heroes are more probably use attunement skills during the combat


Heroes will now more appropriately use hex spells that require an interrupt to take effect
Heroes will now maintain Mantra of Inscriptions both in and out of combat


Heroes more probably scatter appropriately when affected by Ray of Judgment
Heroes will now use Life Sheath to remove conditions out of combat
Heroes will now use Boon Signet usually
Heroes now more probably use Spotless Mind and Spotless Soul in conjunction with other hex and condition removal skills
Heroes now more probably use Restore Condition if their target is suffering from multiple conditions
Heroes will now use Dwayna`s Kiss more frequently when hexes and enchantments are present on the target
Heroes will now use Words of Comfort more frequently on characters suffering from conditions
Fixed a bug where the AI only used Healing Burst as a self-targeting spell
Fixed a bug where the AI did not recognize Unyielding Aura as a hard resurrection skill


Heroes can now cast Lingering Curse off-target
Heroes will now use Blood that is Power and Blood Ritual on casters holding bundle iterm,
Heroes will now maintain Aura of the Lich in and out of combat.


Heroes will now check if Angelic Bond is active on all party members before using the skill
Heroes will only activate Angelic Bond if a party member is under 50% Health
Heroes more probably use "Incoming" outside of combat
Heroes will only use Chest Thumper against foes who are suffering from Cracked Armor
Heroes will now use "Never Surrender" both in and out of combat


Heroes will now use Resilient Weapon, Spirit Light Weapon, and Weapon of Warding to overwrite non-defensive weapon spells when the target is Health is at critical levels
Heroes will now use Offering of Spirit more frequently and will now use it out of combat
Heroes will now use Mending Grip as a self-targeting to spell
Heroes will now only use Brutal Weapon on targets who are engaged in combat
Heroes will now cast Weapon of Quickening on spell-casting classes regardless of weapon type equipped
Fixed a bug where the AI would do not use Renewing Memories while holding a bundle iterm.


Heroes probably use Defy Pain at 95% Health to make better use of its damage-reduction feature
Heroes will use "Great Justice"as is appropriate for their weapon type
Heroes are less likely to overwrite Rush with other stances
Heroes are less likely to overwrite Frenzy with other stances unless Health is low


Fixed a bug where Heroes would not use zero-Energy skills when low on Energy

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that would cause GvG matches to end in a tie, if a Guild Lord died the tiebreaker triggered. All Guild Lords will now become non-combatants when the match ends after 28 minutes according to the server clock. Note that this time may differ slightly from your client is timer
Fixed a bug that prevented Depravity and Ether Phantom from displaying Energy loss
Fixed a bug that caused Depravity to affect all nearby foes
Fixed a bug that caused the following Ritualist skills to use an incorrect casting animation: Agony, Anguish, Empowerment, Gaze of Fury, Recovery, and Rejuvenation.


Xunlai Tournament Agents now offer prizes for the May tournament. These agents can be found in the Great Temple of Balthazar, Lion is Arch, Kaineng Center, and Kamadan.
Reduced the amount of wins needed for the base objective and second bonus objective on the Random Arenas Zaishen quest.
Increased the Zaishen Coin rewards for all Zaishen Mission quests and Zaishen Bounty quests.
Like all Guild Wars updates, this is a live change that will download when you start the game.