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Easy Wins to Arena 6

Today I am going to show you my Hog-Barrel-Zap deck that helps me get out of Arena 5 and stay stable in Arena 6.

My Deck


The Cards

HOG - Your main attacking card
GOBLIN BARREL- Pair it with hog for insane damage
ZAP - Useful for weakening minion horde, killing skelly army, etc. Mainly used with hog to get some extra hits on the Tower.
INFERNO - Use against giants, hogs, princes, balloons, etc.
BARBARIANS - DEFENCE ONLY. Use against hog, RG, giant, giant skelly,prince, etc. Also great when they survive cos they can back up your hog.
MINION HORDE - DEFENCE ONLY. Kills virtually anything. (except wiz of course)
SPEAR GOBLINS - Use for anything. Cycling through deck, defence, backing up hog, or send it on its own.
FIREBALL- Your best friend. Kill barbs, horde, swarms, wiz, musketeer, witch, etc.



START- The best thing to start with is definitely spear goblins. Put them at the front and they will deal 300 damage when they reach the tower. Next best is Hog. Pair it with zap BUT NOT BARREL YET and attack if you wish. Great way to see how your opponent reacts and to deal some damage. If none of these are available, defend instead.


MIDDLE (2:00-1:00)- Now is the time to attack. Gain an elixir advantage. This is essential. With just a 1 elixir advantage, your attack can be successful. Place down a hog, then once it reaches the tower, launch the barrel. Once your opponent places down troops or when the hog is on low health, ZAP.

END- By now you should have a tower. If not, relentlessly attack and continue middle strats. If so, defend. However, in some cases, attacking the other side will be necessary to cycle back the defending cards. This is okay even if your attack fails, because it forced them to defend rather than attack.



Giant Decks- When they place down the giant at the back, wait until it reaches your opponent's Arena Tower, then push the other lane. If they ignore it, you get a tower and usually still have enough elixir to put down a inferno. If they defend, you will still get a couple of hundred damage. Then just place down the inferno and watch their giant get wrecked.


PEKKA Decks- Same as giant decks. Some spear gobs may be required as backup.

Giant Skelly Decks- Same as giant decks.

Golem Decks- Same.

Balloon Decks- Same. Some spear goblins may be necessary.

Hut Spam- These are hard t beat. DO NOT PUSH AT THE START. They will just place down a hut. Wait till they place down their 2nd hut, then place down barbs to defend that lane, while pushing the other lane. Fireball is also great for taking out their troops + any support (wiz, musketeer, etc). If all else fails play for a draw.

RG Decks- Inferno has the same range as RG. Use it.

Other hog decks- Your inferno should deal with the hog. Barbs or spear gobs may be required to deal with the support.

Giant balloon- Hard to beat. Inferno should be able to deal with one of them, but minion horde or barbs may be required to kill the other one.


- Always use barbs and minion horde as defence, not attack, unless they survive the defence.
- Use fireball to deal with any swarms, barbs, wiz, musketeer, etc.
- NEVER place inferno before they put down giant, balloon, etc. It gives them time to send a horde, or spell it, plus, the inferno deteriorates by itself. Without inferno, you are screwed
- Don't use Goblin Barrel as a throw away card without Hog unless absolutely necessary



- Zap- below Arena 5 zap is replaceable with Freeze, but remember freeze is 2 elixir more expensive so it is more risky.
- Minion Horde- Minions
- Barbs- Possibly knight, goblins or valk- NOT TESTED

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