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Age of Conan Dark Templar Guide

Dark Templar Facts and Infos
Compiled by Leinez This little guide is a compiled collection of important Dark Templar facts and threads from the general beta forum. Most of the posts where posted by me. If not, I have included the writers name. I’ve played a total of 244 levels as a DT (through 2 beta wipes)! I was in the general Beta since October 2007. And I play a lvl 80 Dark Templar on EN Wildsoul PvP.

Have fun with this small guide
Table of contents
Dark Templar Facts and Infos
Dark Templar – What is a Dark Templar?
Dark Templar general Infos about the Archetype
Dark Templar skills and abilities
Dark Templar ability – Sadism – Facts and Myths
Dark Templar Crowd Control writeup
Dark Templar Feat overview
Depravity Tree
Desecration Tree
Soldier General Tree
Skill points distribution
Feat spec examples
Leveling / solo grinding spec
Lvl 80 Tank spec
Lvl 80 pve group dps spec

Heavy CC spec

All l infos and content is registred by funcom @ age of conan – hyborean adventures.

Dark Templar — What is a Dark Templar?

The Dark Templar as a soldier archetype is one of three tank classes in AoC. He uses dark magic and poison to devour and kill his opponents. And he uses auras and spells to boost the power of his team-mates. He can sacrifice a bit of his own health to heal his fellow team mates.
One key ability of the Dark Templar are his lifeleeches. There are several buffs, combos and feats which enhances his lifedrain. The lifedrain is always a % value of his melee damage. On lvl 80 fully buffed, a Dark Templar will get to about 25% lifedrain. This is huge and a great benefit over other melee classes.
The Dark Templar uses Auras, which are a group wide buffs, covenants which are only personal buffs and spells. He can only have one aura and one covenant active at any time. But he has many different covenant at his disposal.

The Dark Templar has many abilities which add "proc’s" (reactive magical damage effects). Some of them trigger if he hits someone, other trigger if he’s getting hit. The procs are mainly unholy damage procs. Some of them are poison. He has some aoe procs too, which is really great to solo.

He has some very handy Crowd Control abilities at his disposal. But that’s one of his problems too. All the Crowd Control lays in his feat trees. This means he won’t have crowd control if he doesn’t feat it. This makes a DT very weak in the early game to pvp with.

A Dark Templar will shine in pve and pvp equally. With his lifeleeches, crowd control and handy group buffs, he will be a valuable team member in group pvp.

Dark Templar general Infos about the Archetype

The Dark Templar is a soldier archetype. He will get Frenzy Stance and Defensive Stance at about lvl 15. The Dark Templar will get a charge ability at about lvl 18.

Light Armour – LvL Req: 1
Medium armour – LvL Req: 1
Heavy Armour LvL Req: 30
1H Edged – LvL Req: 1
1H Blunt – LvL Req: 1
Crossbow - LvL Req: 50
Shield - LvL Req: 1
Talisman – Lvl Req: 1 #

Feat - Talisman mastery - You only gain a benefit from using a talisman if you have the Talisman Mastery feat trained, in relation to the effects on your soul covenant spells (you can still offhand them for the mods from the item, regardless). If you have TM trained to max and are holding a talisman in the offhand, the power of most of the triggered effects from the soul covenant you are running is increased by around 40% (for rank 5 TM). This only ever affects your soul covenant spells, not any other spells you have (doesn't affect Aura of Dread Fury, for example). Keep in mind that most of your magical attacks will also be passively increased by using a Talisman when compared to without, even if it doesn't have a specific Unholy Damage buff on it. This is stated by a dev.

If you are 2 DT’s in a group. Sadism won’t proc on you if the other DT gets hit. Martyrdom doesn’t stack either (all healing effect from the same classes don’t stack). You can have different auras up and everybody in the group will get both auras.

Despite some myths, the Dark Templar will never be able to dual wield or use 2 – hand weapons.
There is unholy magical damage and there is unholy melee damage. Unholy magical damage will give you health back if you have magical lifetap skilled through improved aura of dread fury, cabalistic hunger or if you have sadism stacked.

Unholy melee damage will be added and summed up to your normal melee damage. You won’t see this damage as "unholy melee damage" in the combat log. But you will see a damage increase in your normal hits. A good example for unholy melee damage is aura of dread fury which gives the whole group a unholy melee damage buff.

Dark Templar skills and abilities

- leech life: buffs yourself with a lifeleech buff.
- A soul for our feast: This is another lifeleech combo, but it will provide the lifeleech buff to the whole group. The strongest a soul for our feast is needed to spawn the Dread Shadow pet.
- Blood for Aid: Debuffs the enemy with a armor penetrating debuff. And your hit rating against that enemy is increased.
- Mystical Bane: Does a bit of mana damage to the enemy. (Can be improved via feats to proc a mana restoration effect on you, and another feat adds unholy damage equal to the mana damage: great combo if fully feated!).
- Unhallowed Blight: You place a % unholy damage debuff on the target for a short time.

Spells / Auras
- Drain Life: You place a Lifetap Buff on yourself. Which stacks with DrainLife etc.
- Blood Pact: All your hits will return 100% health. Damages yourself and has 30min cooldown. Can be reduced via feats.
- Martyrdom: Damages yourself and places a HoT effect on your team and yourself. Can be feated to return mana and stamina too.
- Aura of Dread Fury: Your hits and the whole party melee hits will do a passive amount of unholy damage which is added to the weapon damage. (This is not stated in the combat log). And if you get hit, it can proc a minor aoe damage effect.
- Aura of Infusion: If you get hit there is a chance, that you and all party members in the area of the aura will get a HoT.

- Covenant of Pestilence: If you get hit there is a chance that a aoe damage effect procs. And the covenant places a -5% hinder movement debuff on you.
- Covenant of War: If you get hit there is a chance that you will gain a minor damage shield and a minor damage reflection shield.
- Covenant of Vengeance: All your melee hits have a chance that covenant of vengeance procs. It will add unholy damage to all your hits while active.
- Covenant of Invulnerability. This Covenant is similar to soul barrier. When it procs, it absorbs damage and converts a part of the damage into mana damage.
- Covenant of Death: If you get hit there is a chance that you will get another +1,9% drain life buff. This is pretty much it. Keep in mind. You can only have one aura and one covenant up at the same time. Blood Pact will overwrite drain life.