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Age of Conan:Bear Shaman's Totems, Feats, Manifestations, and Aspects References

As the experienced player, I made this reference listnot only for myself when planning out feats,but also to others who like the mmorpg like me

The bear shaman has several buff types. We have claw totems, spirit totems, manifestations, and, if you spend feat points to get them, we also have aspects. You can only have one buff of each type active at a time, and I made myself this list because I wanted to get a clear reference for which buffs fell into each category

Personally I find it's important to be familiar with these categories. Before you decide you want to spend your feat points to get a new totem, it's good to know which totem you'll have to give up to use the new one. For example if you take the venom totem feat you won't be able to use it unless you give up the feral totem (because they're both spirit totems

Edited to add: It should be noted that bear shamans have other buffs not on this list. For example, spirit of the bear, which is our HP buff. However it doesn't belong to any of the categories of buffs of which you can only have one type at a time. You can always have spirit of the bear up, and it doesn't conflict with anything, whereas with the buffs on this list, you can only have one of each type up at any given time. This isn't intended to be a full list of our buffs, but rather a way to organize the buff spells which are limited to one per type.

As I said before,it is just some tip I collected in the gam when I was playing,and I hope it is helpful to the guys!