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Age of Conan: Ten Quick Tips For PvP Server Survival

With the greater and greater amount of people play the online game Age of Conan, some tips, guilds and strategies run online, and I try some into actual game playing but failed, which is out of my imagination. Then I make a decision that to give more funs more effective tips and share them with all guys.

1. Travel in a pack.

This one is probably the most obvious. There is strength in numbers, and four people in your group will make those ganker five levels above you think twice before trying to kill you.

2. Hide at entry points.

While not every class gets Hide at an early level, it is the single easiest way to avoid unwanted confrontation.

3. Use nearby zone spots to your advantage.

Often upon zoning into a new area you will encounter a battle already underway or someone waiting to try and kill you. If you feel overmatched don't be afraid to zone right back out and run for it. Some might think it cheap, but it's a better chance at survival.

4. Never stand still.

All those stealthers around you don't move very fast when hidden. Don't give them a chance to line up that perfect strike!

5. Use the environment as a shield when talking to NPCs.

When in an open-PvP zone, you will be talking to NPCs to obtain quests quite regularly and while in dialog you are incredibly vulnerable to attack. Use nearby buildings and structures to hide from others while you get your quest assignments.

6. Keep pressing '1' when questing from NPCs.

If all else fails, spam the '1' response button until you get the quest. Sure you might miss some important information here and there, but usually you can get a good summary by reading the quest log anyways.

7. Find all the resurrection points in the zone ASAP.

Keep getting killed at a particular rez point? If you manage to escape try and find others; at times it will be very valuable to resurrect at a different spot in the zone.

8. Use the Epic instance as needed.

If you can't get your "FedEx" run-around-town quests completed because you keep getting ganked, zone out and come back in the Epic instance. Now you are free to run around talking to NPCs with much less to worry about. If you are crafty at navigating your way around you can complete many of the collect quests in an Epic instance as well. Don't be afraid to sprint away if you get swamped!

9. If someone is going after the same quest as you, try to group up. Otherwise kill him if you want.

There's nothing worse than trying to do the same quest as someone else and not knowing if they are going to jump in and attack you right after you pull the mob. Attempt to group if you feel like it; if he doesn't accept, try your luck and take him out as a preemptive measure. He had his chance!

10. Use nearby water to your advantage.

Right now you cannot attack while in the swimming motion. If you are fighting a losing fight there might be a quick and easy escape if you can make it far enough out into the water to be out of caster or bow range. This tip is also handy in places like the Khopshef Province where a big body of water is directly across from the zone spot from Khemi.