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Age of Conan

> Quick AoC Fixes and Improvements on how to run the Game Better

This is what a lot of people miss on how to run Age of Conan effectively. Here's how to fix it. its most likely not the game....

1) Update your graphic card drivers to the newest version (Do not use Beta drivers)

2) Update your DirectX 9.0 too the newest 9.0 March "08" update. Even if you think you have the newest directX on your system. Microsoft will tell you if you need an update when you download the 08 update. Don't be a fool, go toand check your DirectX today.

3) Goto your control panel on your computer and look for your graphic card settings. Set them all on "Let the 3D application too decide" setting.

4) Very important - Your motherboard must have the newest bios flash/update! How do you know? Or how can u check? Read the model number off your motherboard. Go to your motherboards makers website. Look up drivers and bios updates. Keep in mind a driver is not a bios flash. They are 2 totally different things.

5) Check for new motherboard drivers from rules 4

6) In Age of Conan game. Change and set everything on low then work your way up. That way Age of Conanc will at least run on Low settings and you can experiment and see what is effecting your computer/graphics card problems.

If none of the above work

6) Upgrade your graphics card drivers to the Beta Version (If available)

7) Change all your graphics cards settings (in the computer not AoC) too performance settings.

8) Go into your computers Bios settings (look on the web) And make sure your Ram/Chip/Graphics cards are all set on the correct settings. (DO NOT, change anything your unsure of you could damage your system)

9) Download a program free for 30 days)
Download a virus removerits free.
Download a spyware remover free as well.
The following is meant to help fix a lot of the AoC issues:

SLI Mode (Yes Conan uses it) You must go into your graphics card settings (The SLI mode settings area) And change it too "Force Frame Rendering 2 Mode". Doing this will force AoC to use SLI and u will double your frame rate.

SLI Mode Part B Test you SLI and even improve it by changeing your SLI mode while in the Age of Conan game. Stay Logged in the game and keep it up and running. Alt+Tab out of the game and try switching different SLI mode. Compare Them in game, and watch your FPS improve.

Nvidia card + dual core cpu users (Threaded optimization) setting Thought I would report in that turning "Threaded optimization" to "ON" instead of "Auto" made a big performance difference on my system. For whatever reason it does not appear to me that "auto" is being properly detected. Turning this to "on" literally doubled my frame rate in AOC. -Credit goes too Verolon on the AoC forums-

Out of memory, memory leaks, memory management, etc I tried an experiment by turning off Superfetch, how to do this.
I also installed a 4GB USB2.0 thumb drive in a rear USB port and enabled readyboost. Played for a few hours with no out of memory crash and ram sat at about 60% used the whole time. I run on pretty high setting with shadows from everything. 20 to 30+ FPS most of the time. Hope this helps others with similar issues. -credit goes too Haizen from AoC forums-

Low Frame rate in dungeons, single player instances Ok this is actually not funcom's fault. This was a bug introduced with nivida new drivers for most of the graphics cards in June. To fix this problem just go into your AoC settings and change your Shaders too 2.XX You can change them back after your done. this bug happens most often in the Villia's (nobles area district)
Getting rig of LAG. Gain more speed and bandwidth Turn off your QoS (quality of service) in your internet settings. Quality of Service (QOS) by default reserves 20% of your bandwidth. Superficially this sounds like you lose 20% of your bandwidth when QOS is enabled. QOS has been designed to ensure that certain programs that need a particular amount of bandwidth can reserve it. If these bandwidth-demanding programs are not running, then QOS is not going to kick in and reserve this space. So relax! If this type of program is running, then you want to be able to give it all the bandwidth it needs. Too turn it off you need.

Network Connections-->
go to your broadband or internet connection icon.--->
right click your internet "properties"--->
Look for the Tab that says Networking or services---->
Go to the QoS Packet scheduler and unclick it or uninstall it.---->
*you will have to shut down and restart your internet connection to take effect*
Hope this Helps.

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