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Age of Conan: Newsletter Highlights Update

The Age of Conan major update 1.4 is now live for players to enjoy, so while you're patching take a minute to catch up with all the new goodies! The Clan of Conan Newsletter is up and it shares the highlights of the update, screenshots included.

The much anticipated Update 1.4 is now live on the Age of Conan servers. With two new dungeons opening up for high-level players, your Hyborian adventures have now been extended with many more hours! We have even added a mid-level dungeon called The Cradle of Decay, and we have opened up a whole new wing in Black Ring Citadel that is sure to provide more hours of raid gameplay. If player vs. player gameplay is your thing, you might be interested to hear that we have now introduced new resources required to build battlekeeps - resources that can only be gathered in the Border Kingdom areas and as such must be mercilessly fought over to be acquired! So dust off your Drinking Cape and step into Hyboria once more, as the Age of Conan continues to unfold.

New in Update 1.4 is the level 80 group dungeon of Xibaluku. Xibaluku is an instanced dungeon set in Thunder River that introduces countless more hours of challenging gameplay, epic encounters and, of course, lots of valuable loot. Explore this terrible home of a tribe of savage Picts and unravel a story that will surely chill you to the bones! This dungeon also focuses on repeatable gameplay, containing dynamic content that changes depending on how you and your group handle the many challenges you face. Depending on how you play certain spawns may or may not become available, and the same goes for loot! This time around we have also put more effort into making boss fights more interesting, and players will have to develop unique strategies in order to defeat them!

In addition to the Xibaluku dungeon we have also added a new level 80, solo dungeon known as The Slaughterhouse Cellar. Also located in Thunder River, the Slaughterhouse is actually the key to gaining access to Xibaluku. Players will need to go into Thunder River and locate the right farmhouse and perform a series of quests within the narrow and haunted corridors before they can descend into the darkness of Xibaluku.