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Explanation of the various Features in Age of Conan

I am still finding out new features in . A lot of the features are kind of "stealthed" into the game. So I'm going to just put the spotlight on some features out there, make them known, and also try to to just make this a help guide with common questions! You don't have to like it, if it helps you, then I'm glad. I try to cover what most myself and my fellow guildmates have had trouble with. This will NOT cover everything, just spotlights I felt necessary and helpful. Thank you.

The Apprenticeship Feature
Your friend just got out of Tortage and is level 20, your level 28 and want to team together? Invite him into your group, right click on his name. There is an option to start an "apprentice" with. To do this you simply,

Right Click Name > Look for Start Apprenticeship > Click on it, your friend must accept the offer.

This bumps their level up to yours! Note: They don't gain new abilities, but they are now able to fight with you. They gain experience just like you do too! It seems you must be at least 5 levels below the person.
---Need confirmation if it bumps up abilities to higher ranks.

Path of Asura
-A guildmate asked if there was any recall ability. There is! It recalls you back to your bind point, which you can set with new "Wayfarers of Asura" people around the zones. Ability is on 30min recast, recalls you to last bind.

Hit B, scroll down or up until you find the ability "Path of Asura"

-I invited Oatness but he's not showing up anywhere! Most likely, he's in the wrong instance! You can summon him, or change instances together!

In party menu: Right Click their name > Look for and click on Summon to Instance, they should appear shortly

Option 2: At the top left of your Mini-Map (top right of screen), there is an orange triangle. Click this and Select Instance. It will allow you to
change your instance.
Looking for the instance your supposed to be in: When you look at the menu, your group leader will have star next to the instance they are in.
The instance you are located in will be white, the others are grey.

NOTE: You must be near 5m of a Resurrection Stone now!

-Why are these monsters so tough? They kill me in two hits! If you zoned into a dungeon, it is most likely because the monsters are Elite. They are much stronger, and in return reward more exp. but at a greater risk. Zone out and zone back in to make sure it's on Normal mode.

To tell if a monster is elite, when you click on them. They have a red chinese looking building on them. Normal mobs do not have this.

Chat Box
-Hit R to reply to the person who last sent you a tell. No /r, just hit R without the chat bar up! Though /r works too!

-Chat Update: You can now just use /guildsay, /group, /say, and it will switch your chat log to type into guild! Yay!

Questing - Mini-map?
-Your mini-map is your best friend here. If your lost and have no idea where to go, hit J. This opens your quest log, then look for your quest you want to do. (Note: A lot of times the quest log auto-updates, so you may have to change it back) When you click on your quest, your mini-map will change an X to an orange color! It is saying you need to go there, and when you complete the quest. It will update it to where you need to go to return.

All quests will appear in your current zone, they will be a grayed out X on your map. Hit M for the large map, if it is closed or hidden behind the other one. Click on the side where it shows a sliver of the map popping out from behind! This should bring it up!

My quest markers disappeared?! Top right above your mini-map there is an orange upside down triangle. Click that and click on Show map Indicators! Should fix the problem.

-I have grey quests should I just drop them? No, you can still receive the full experience amount for turning it in! However sometimes it may not be "worth your time" this is for you to decide though.

-I have a quest with 3people next to the quest name, what does this mean? It means that the quest is for an elite area, and that you will require a team.

Feat Tree Respec
-Ok, so your new, you screwed up your feat tree horribly. First thing on your mind is, can I respec?! Simple answer, yes you can! There are "Trainers" in every major city that will untrain your abilities for a cost.

The cost for respecs goes up each time you untrain, and is also based off of your level!--

Skill Points Respec
-I didn't know what Recovery did and I maxed it out on my mage. I want to put the points into Mana Attractor, can I respec them into Mana Attractor or am I stuck? Yes, you can untrain your skill points! (Info may be off slightly)

To untrain your skill points you ALT + Left Click on your skill you want to untrain. You get ALL points back

Thank you Wosk for the following numbers!
The numbers are as follows:

0 - 148 = Free
149 - 198 = 20 Tin
199 - 398 = 1 Silver
399 - 598 = 50 Silver
599 - 800 = 2 Gold

Bag Space
-First off, bags replace your current bag, let me explain. You just bought that 4 slot 10 copper bag at level 24. You now have 10silver and want to buy the next upgrade (8slots). You will NOT gain a total of 12 slots unfortunately, you will only gain 4 slots. Your 4 bag is replaced completely by the 8 slot, or also you only gain another 4 slots for every upgrade. As it appears now.

-To split an item in your inventory, SHIFT+RT CLICK, Split Item
-To move an item into your 1st or 2nd bag slot, grab item drag it onto the text that reads. Page 1 of 2, Page 2 of 2, drag and drop.

-Having trouble hiding? At the bottom of your mini-map there is a diamond shaped jewel that tells you how well lit your character is. Its easier to use the hide skill when the jewel is dark, and harder to use the hide skill when it appears grey.

Crafting and Gathering
-How many trade skills am I allowed to get? You are allowed 2 tradeskills

-What trade skills are there in total? Gemcutting, Armorsmithing, Weaponsmith, Architect, and Alchemy

-How many gathering professions can I have? All of them, all 6. Prospecting, Mining, Stonecutting, Weaving, Woodcutting, Skinning

-I completed the First Tier, and now need rare nodes but they seem bugged? No, they exist, they are extremely rare! Also a current text bug, mining for Black Silver. When you hit a node it will say You did not find Ruby Silver. The quest is fine and works, it is merely a text bug.

-How long do nodes take to respawn? My current formula (though not true for all nodes) is roughly 1-2minutes for 2% to respawn. The node must have OVER 10% to farm it. i.e. 11% to hit the node to farm it.

-Tier 1 Gathering available at level 20
*Sandstone - Clear Quartz
*Ash - Ebony Ash
*Cotton - Cottonwisp
*Copper - Tin
*Silver - Black Silver
*Rough Leather (dropped from mobs) - Brindled Leather

-Tier 2 Gathering available at level 50
*Silk (dropped from mobs)
*Calloused Leather (dropped from mobs)

Random Commands That Are Helpful

/cc addbuddy Characternamehere
-This command will add your friend to your friends list

-Wait for the timer to run out, and it will return you to the login

/invite Name
-Make sure to capitalize the first letter, invites to group

/guild invite Name
-Capitalize first letter, invites to guild

/emote cry
-Great for after you die the thousandth time after forgetting your pots!

-Makes you sit, imagine that

-Whoa now don't stand up too fast or you'll black out!

/group or /gr
-This is group say

-Always a good one

/guildsay or /gu
-To type into guild chat

-Fear not bar table, we'll get that player out of you

-Another help menu

/emote [tab][tab](hit tab twice)
- gives you a list of all emotes

/[tab][tab] (hit tab twice)
- gives you a list of all slash commands

-Claims your pre-order items after you've entered your codes and such

-Backspace toggles Run/Walk

-Shift+L locks abilities onto hotkey bars (no accidentally dragging them off)

-Alt+Z toggles your UI/HUD on and off

-Shift+F opens friends/guild window

-F11 takes a screenshot!

-Numlock toggles auto-run

-Esc or moving will cancel a spell being cast

-Tab to cycle nearby enemies

-Shift+N will toggle display of names, NPCs Hostile/Friendly/Both

-Alt+ 1-9/0 makes use of second hotkey bar

-F is the default assist key

-I will open inventory

-N opens Feat Tree menu

Will try to update this as often as I can. If you have any other suggestions or information, please feel free to throw it on over. Will add it as soon as I can, though I do want to play and not be on the forums forever!