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Age of Conan: Looking to leave World of Warcraft? Good luck!

If you're playing World of Warcraft right now, odds apparently are that you'll be doing that for some time to come. That's the word straight from sister site Joystiq, which listened in on the Activision/Blizzard financials conference call earlier this week. In speaking to the assembled business-types Blizzard President Mike Morhaime reiterated earlier statements, saying something like 70% of folks who left WoW for Age of Conan are already back. Of the gamers that left the game for Warhammer Online, almost 50% of them have already returned to the Azerothian fold.

Mark Jacobs may have pooh-pooh'd Blizzard alleges (on more than one occassion) but anecdotally it certainly seems like Shattrath has been a busy place in the last few weeks. These numbers, of course, are all in advance of Wrath of the Lich King 's commence next week. Analysts see Wrath of the Lich King garnering a whole new wave of attention to the game, and within the next few weeks we could see pronouncements of even more individuals signing into Blizzard's juggernaut of a title.