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> Aion: Useful tips in PvP combat

Aion’s Gladiator class has the unique opportunity to not only be a solid contender in the realm of damage dealing, but also a plate class that can take hit after hit in combat. As a very diverse class, there are so many options that are open to the Gladiator players and this is where many get stumped.
Gearing for PvP
Gearing for PvP is not unlike gearing for PvE for the Gladiator. Weapon choices for the Gladiator will always be up to debate. It has been noted by many that during flight, having a dual wield weapon set takes advantage of the quicker attacks and higher damage. Aerial combat doesn’t take advantage of many of the Gladiators 2-handed skills, so going dual-wield does make complete sense. Bows can also be useful for when your target has moved out of weapon combat range adding damage where you might not have had any.
Solo PvP
The Gladiator makes a formidable solo foe, enough so that other players should be cautious if they see one coming at them. The element of surprise is difficult to a class that has no ability to invis, but none the less, it is always the best way to approach the enemy. Right off you’ll want to toss a combo that allows a knock down followed by a valuable stigma skill, Crippling Cut. Early on in the fight is a good time to use Rage, and then let loose your various combos. Midway or towards the end of the fight when the opponent is clearly losing or about to flee, use another stigma skill, Ankle Snare, and then wail on the poor fellow until dead. Remember to alternate your stumbled combos so that you are keeping the enemy down as much as possible.
If you’re attacked or losing the battle you initiated, you may need to take on a more defensive role in combat. Keep Aether Jelly on hand to make use of your DP skills, particularly Explosion of Rage which deals a good amount of damage, stumbles the target, and never misses so it’s a nice Hail Mary move to even the score a little and give yourself a fighting chance. Also keep life potions and healing potions to use as needed.
Group PvP
As Gladiators are a tank class, it is always expected that they keep the enemies off of their weaker groupmates. Priests and mages end up being primary targets but both will be needed if you want to take on a group. Protect your friends so that they may protect you in turn!
Your tactic here is not unlike your soloing tactic. Keep the targets off kilter by unleashing your Stumbles at regular intervals and because you are taking on more than one target, be very liberal with your AoE attacks.
Smaller groups work better when you are hunting through rifts, and if you take along a crowd control class or a scout, you will likely be nearly unstoppable!

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