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Latest Aion Assassin PvP Strategy

Aion surprised us since it came out. That’s not because all roles make battles much more fiercely with wings but also it updated frequently, which makes Aion much exciting and charming for Daevas. As Aion official ended two surveys for celebrating the special winter holiday season before long, to get some Watchful Ailu pet egg in any characters in your account your want. It is really an heart-stirring news for Daevas, however, the most is excitement is the latest PvP Strategy of Aion I will give your Daevas now.

Do you know the key to Assassin’s success in PvP as the veteran Daevas? It is no doubt that Aion Assassin is the most melee class which always made you Deaves wondering where the heck guy came from and where is that lube when you need it. So the answer is the high burst damage and stuns are the key.

Two kinds of PvP in Aion, one is Solo PvP and the other is Group PvP definitely. That’s ni the ppoint we share here, but how to win in both is important instead.

Solo PvP

The biggest problem that Deaves have in PvP combat is probably the contact with ranged players. And the obviously problematic for them is that they do not able to actually hit the other guy because the Assassin has no reliable ranged skills at all. It will be important to use your stealth skill before positioning yourself behind your target and attacking, if you engaged the combat by yourself in Solo PvP However, one point you should remember is that you had better use it early. so that other player isn’t seeing your skill use scroll on their chat box.

Stealthing is to take your victim might be difficult if the opposing player has been tipped off to your presence but you have a little trick for those who try to get away either.

If you are dealing with a ranged player that has engaged you or the tealth attack isn’t appropriate for you, then you should make use of your stigma skill Ambush instantly. This stigma is insanely necessary in PvP combat and if you don’t have it, you need to go get it.

I promise you guys that once you’ve used Ambush and managed to get yourself close to enemy, winning is just a matter of stunning and out of damaging definitely. Another you should keep in mind all the time is that you can stay close to your target rather than stay still. Never! Any chance to get behind your mark and take a backstab is a shot at substantial damage.

Group PvP

It is good enough for you Daevas to pair up with a ranged combatant or a warrior. Group with other players, the profit will be in being almost transparent. Moving around, using Ambush and stealthing frequently will cause enough confusion in your opponent so that they won’t always be sure where they should be targeting.

No matter which kinds of PvPs you are involved, the best skill combination of you will either be opening with a stealth and Surprise Attack or opening with Ambush and Surprise Attack. After your opening move, you’ll want to switch between engraving and bursting signets for the stun potential and using your damage skills. According to my experience, stun is the former but the latter is damage usually.

For the engraving skills, you’ll have plenty to choose them because they refresh fairly quickly. On the other hand, remember to keep a couple of your best burst signet skills on your hotbar and switch between them as they refresh a bit slower. Meanwhile, Surprise Attack is very useful for you, so please remember to use it whenever it is up and positioning allows.

For rifts plays an significant role in Aion PvP as well as our only means to complete very rewarding spy quests. So I also put the map below for all you guys. Marked in black are the outgoing locations for the residing faction. Marked in red are the incoming rifts for the opposing faction. So if you are looking to hop into a rift, visit the black locations and if you are waiting for the bad guys, camp the red locations.

Eltnen Rift Locations

Morheim Rift Locations

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