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Mage in Aion

Mages are the “spell casters” of Aion. Their primary goal is to destroy enemies by using magic spells. Up until their Ascension there is only one real choice on how to kill mobs; spells. After the Ascension they then have the choice of either going Sorcerer, which can nuke mobs with spells, or Spiritmaster, which relies on summons.

Much like the Rogues, Mages have very low defense but deal a great amount of damage to enemies. What brings the Mages up above them, however, is the ability to launch ranged attacks even at low levels. This helps somewhat compensate for their low defense by allowing them to toss out a few attacks before their enemies reach them. At the same time, however, their spells can be canceled by enemies fairly easy, leaving them vulnerable to being pummeled.

The Mages are forced to use only one type of armor; Cloth. This is the lowest defense possible, which puts them in a very delicate situation when it comes to having to tank the mobs (solo) or when pulling aggression of mobs (when grouped). Once the class is learned well, however, it is quite easy to battle enemy foes!

The high points of this class are :
Great damage potential using spells
The ability to attack enemies from a distance
The low points of them are :
The lowest defense out of all of the classes
Spells can be canceled by enemies

Pushing through this mage class is significantly easier than Rogues, but still harder than the others. Much like with Rogues, however, keeping at it will yield great results.

The weapons of choice are Spellbooks and Orbs, both of which are used for magical damage rather than melee.

In solo combat, the Mages will rely on just dealing as many magical attacks as possible while only taking on one mob at a time. Taking on two is a sure-fire way to die, being that it doubles the chances of being canceled while casting.

When grouped, the risk of death goes down quite a bit because someone else is also dealing damage (and/or tanking), lowering the amount of time the mob lives.

In conclusion, much like the Rogue classes, Mages have very low defense but are able to dish out huge amounts of damage. Thankfully they are able to use ranged attacks, allowing them to get in a hit or two before their enemies are within range of attacking them. At the same time, they can also be canceled once their enemy gets within range, potentially raising the possibility of death.