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Aion: Asmodae Beginners Power Leveling Guide – Part 3 of 3

By now you should have picked up some quests that you can turn in over at Aldelle Village. So use the flight path leading from Anturoon Crossing to the village to get there.

Once you arrive, go speak to Ulgorn, who will give you a quest.

And if you didn’t buy all Skill Manuals earlier, be sure to pick them up now.

Also, don’t forget to turn in whatever other quests you may have picked up earlier before you eventually leave the village and return to Anturoon Crossing again.

Turn in all the applicable quests once you arrive.

Go back to the plantation site. While following the path, go down into the valley on the left. Keep going until you reach the cave inside the tree… you are now entering…

Dubaro Vine Canyon

Eventually you will come upon an NPC standing behind some logs. Talk to him to turn in and receive a quest.

Now head straight ahead, deeper into the canyon, and you will have to fight some mobs. Once you get past them you’ll find Rae.

Now you need to disable 3 generators to close the gate to the abyss, starting with the Green one.

When finished, talk to Rae. By now you should be level 9, which means you can go kill Hatata if you didn’t do so on the way, and before leaving for Aldelle Village turn in the quest to the NPC by the logs.

You can now begin..,

The Ascension Quest

Speak to Munin again and he will have you collect some cards. Do that.

They are located in Aldelle Village, Munihele Forest, and with an NPC standing on top of the hill where you killed the Brax earlier in Anturoon Crossing.

When you have the cards, go back to Munin to receive a vision. You’ll be taken to the abyss to fight.

There you go! Now you have completed the Ascension quest!

And there you have it. You are Level 10, and should also have received another Title.