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Aion: Asmodae Beginners Power Leveling Guide – Part 2 of 3

Before going any further, make sure that you have a gathering skill of 10.

Follow the path until you cross a bridge. You will soon come upon..

Munihele Forest

Along the forest path there are more NPC’s with quests for you. The one where you are supposed to search for a lost ring can be found by killing Snufflers. (armadillo like mobs)

The same character also tells you to run back to Aldelle Village for him. Don’t do this immediately, instead continue on into the forest until you come upon a cabin with a witch standing in front of it.
Talk to her and complete the errands she asks you to do… finally you will be transported into the abyss.

Note: One of her errands include killing Whitefoot Daru’s. When doing so they might drop a quest item (old scroll).

Note 2: On the Lost Axe quest, answer no to the first two questions, and yes to the Rusty Axe.

Once the vision clears, talk to the witch again, this time about Rae missing. Next talk to the “Cute Ribbit”, and finally with Rae.

Now it’s time to head back to Aldelle Village, which is easily accomplished by using your Return spell. Turn in any quests you’ve got unfinished.

After that, head up to the Flight Transporter. Talk to him and then fly to..

Anturoon Crossing

When you arrive, the first thing you ought to do is bind to the Soul Healer’s stone. Then you can turn in any of the quests you might have, and of course start picking up new ones.

As always, look for the NPC’s with yellow or blue arrows over their heads.

Quest notes: For the Brax Skins quest, only the adult versions of this mob will drop skins, so don’t mind the other ones.

If you finished the Black Opal Quest line you should now have a Treasure Hunter title as well. This one adds +4 Accuracy to your stats.

After turning in all the quests for this area, and doing all follow up quests, it’s time for some grinding. In this case, Fruit grinding… you need to get your gathering skill to 15 so that you are able to collect ore a little later.

Done? Ok, let’s move on. Head north to the right of the Anturoon post until you find the Prison Camp. In it, there are more quests to be found and completed.

Finish those, and then continue up north. You’ll eventually come across a path leading to some purple crystals. Keep going until you reach the top of the hill, and there you will see an NPC inside one of those crystals. Talk to him to receive a quest.

You can now go back to Anturoon Crossing. Use your Return spell if possible.

Derot might have a quest for you to go back to the same NPC you just met (Munin). If so, do that before continuing on with the guide.

When you’re back at Anturoon Crossing again, this time take the path leading left. In time you will see a camp of NPC’s, as usual you should talk to them and pick up any quests they might have.

Then move on to the Odella Plantation to finish them.