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Aion: Asmodae Beginners Power Leveling Guide – Part 1 of 3

Alright, here we are with the beginners Aion leveling guide for the Asmodian faction of the game. This will hopefully get you started and able to choose a class as quickly as possible.

If instead you want a PDF file with detailed information about every step, I recommend downloading the free Aion leveling guide available over at KFGuides

Let’s go.Entering the game

You start the game in the Aldelle Basin, located in the far east region of the map. In front of you will be an non player character (NPC) with a blue arrow above his head. Talk to him and he will direct you to towards another character a little further away.

Once you’ve traveled there, talk to him to receive your first quest; to kill 4 Spriggs. Once you’re done with the task, talk to him again. Now he will send you to a camp located north west of your current position.

On your way there, make sure you collect Azpha plants that grow along the way (you do this by right clicking) This will raise your gathering skill level.

When you get to the camp, talk to the NPC’s there. One of them will give you the next two quests. The first is to gather Sprigg Fruit, which can be found to the north. The second quest is also about gathering, but this time it’s Glowing Spheres, and they are dropped by Hill Sparkies and Highland Sparkles (also found to the north).

Return and talk to the NPC each time you finish a quest to get the next one. Once you’re done, continue on south west of the camp until you come upon..

Aldelle Village

Note: A simple way to keep up do date with all the quests you pick up is to press “J” by default, which brings up the Quest menu.

As you enter the village your Quest menu will show that you got a Campaign quest. These are quests related to the game’s storyline. The NPCs related to them have a yellow arrow assigned to them (the normal ones have a blue arrow).

Besides picking up quests from NPC’s, here are some other things you should do:

Speak with the Soul Healer located near the entrance of the village and bind to the stone next to her by right clicking it. This will allow you to quickly travel to this location later.

Next, Find your Class Trainer and buy all the skill books that you can and right click them in your inventory to learn them. To use them, just drag them to your quickbar.

The third thing you should do is pay a visit to the Weapon, Armor, and general item dealers of the town. You probably won’t afford anything right now, but you can sell misc. items for Kinah as well. (these are items dropped by mobs you kill)

After picking up all the quests and completing the above list of things to do, head west of the village. There on the shore you’ll find a fisherman that also has a quest for you.

When you’re done with all the quests and follow ups, keep heading south on the path to the left into the valley.