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Detailed Gladiator Guides in Aion

Players of the Gladiator would find this guide below to be a good entry-level guide. More advanced information about the Gladiator class, such as strategies, tactics and tips, can be found from a guide such as this Aion Gladiator Guide. Apart from the Gladiator guide, there are also 7 other class guides, a strategy guide and an Aion Kinah-making Guide.

The Gladiator is an advanced class that the Warrior can become once they Ascend. This class is the heavy duty, in your face melee DPS champion. They are masters of two handed weapon combat, and have high health and defense. They are mainly a physical damage class, and their gear and abilities reflect that. Unlike the Templar, they cannot do any kind of healing.

Aion Gladiators have a large selection of weapons and armor to choose from. They can wear any armor in the game, but wearing Heavy Plate is generally the best choice. They can use most weapons in the game, from swords to polearms. This class can tank as well as DPS, but they really shine as offtanks that use their stuns and brute force to keep enemies in line. They have slightly weaker defense than their warrior counterparts the Templar, but their attacks are more powerful and destructive. They definitely focus on DPS tanking rather than defense tanking, which the Templars have covered. They also have problems with stuns, restraints, and other movement impairing effects. Once they are restrained they have nothing other than their armor to help them until the effect wears off.

Gladiators have strong attacks, various debuffs, and a variety of stuns and knockdowns. They also have a special racial ability, which is Explosion of Rage for Asmodians and DP Explosion for the Elyos. Explosion of Rage and DP Explosion both inflict level based physical damage on the target and forces it to stumble.

At the early levels Gladiators only have their Warrior leveling combos and skills to fight with, but very soon they come into their own. At Level 13 Gladiators get a fight combo that causes a great deal of damage and stuns the enemy. Wrathful Strike allows the completion of this combo. Gladiators also have several passive skills, like Attack Preparation, which boosts physical attack power by 15%. Most of the Stigmas available to them are related to Attack Power, Damage and Physical Attacks.

Gladiators are meant to be the second line of defense in a party setting when they are not tanking. They bring their damage and their armor, and stand between both the melee characters like Chanters or Assassins and the ranged characters like Rangers or Spiritmasters. They are definitely the class to pick if you like beating enemies to a pulp and wielding massive, two handed weapons