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Aion:The Latest Strategy of Crafting in Game Aion

Last be not the least Handicrafting. Handicrafting is design for creating earrings, rings, necklace, glasses, bows, and staffs. Handicrafting also follow the same rules as Armor smith, weapon smith, that and item crafted must proc in order to have a good amount of value. Handicrafting is also expensive and does take up a good amount of time, however it is probably also widely known as the best crafting skill to make money with. The reason that Handicrafting is probably the best way to earn money as a trade skill, is because of the jewelery crafting. Earrings, rings, and necklace requires a lot less material, time, and money to craft, and if you proc a few good rings, earrings, etc… you can sell them for a good amount of profit.
Handicrafting is highly recommended for chanters and ranger, but if you just want to find a crafting skill to earn money, than Handicraft is the best choice.

The Real Aion Crafting Guilds

Now that you have chosen the profession you going to pursue it’s time to learn the skill to begin your crafting carrier. To learn the crafting profession head to your faction’s major city and find the craft skill trainer for your profession, the skill will cost you around 3,500 Kinah to learn. For the Asmodians all your crafting skill trainer are located in the Temple of Artisans are of Pandaemonium, and for the Elyos go to Artisans’ Hall in Sanctum.

Acessing the Crafting Windows

There are two ways to access the crafting menu, first way is through the workstation, and the second way is by bring up your skills window by pushing the K button by default and then click on the Crafting tab. Under the crafting tab you will see a list of all your crafting skill that you have learn as well as gather and aether gather, under ever crafting skill there is a green bar which indicated your current crafting skill level.

Crafting Skill Points and Levels

Aion crafting system is setup in different tiers or levels, when you first pay 3,500 Kinah in the beginner /Lesser tier. There are a total of 5 levels, Lesser, Regular, Grater, Expert, and Master, but keep in mind that you can only master two crafting profession. In order to reach the next tier or level in you crafting profession, you must max out your experience bar in the current level. Every level has 99 points of experience to fill, once you have reach the max experience you must go to your profession skill trainer and pay to advance to the next level. This might sound confusing so here is an example: as you start any crafting profession you have 1/99 skill points or experience. Once you have reached 99/99 skill points by crafting, in order to reach 100 skill points or behind you must pay 17,000 Kinah to your trainer.
Here is a price list for each level, keep in mind the price may change due to tax.
Lesser = ~3,500 Kinah
Regular = ~17,000 Kinah
Greater = ~115,000 Kinah
Expert = ~460,000 Kinah
Master = ~1,500,000 Kinah

Cafting Receipts

In order to craft anything you must first obtain and learn the receipt, while some receipts can be earn by purchasing from your crafting profession NPC, other are obtain through quest or drops of monsters.
Note: NPC that sell you receipt is located in the same building where you do your crafting.

Crafting to Expert

The cheapest, easiest, and probably the best way to go from 1 to 399 by doing a mixual of Work Orders, and other useful items. Now this is a general guide for all crafting, so I’m not cover ever profession in details.
Crafting with Work Orders
Work Orders can be obtain through your craft profession trainer, speak to your craft profession trainer and then click on the “Craft Request”. Now accept your first work order it should have (1P) which indicated which skill point the work order is for. Once you have accepted your first work order go a work station and double click on it, the works station are the tables filled with animations of tools for your crafting profession, for example cooking would have a bunch of vegetable, frying pans, and a stove.
Double click your work station to bring your craft windows, now look under your craft request section which should have the first work order that you have obtain, click on the receipt on the left side of the window to bring a list of materials required on the right. Some material are provided as part of the work order other can be purchased at the NPC nearby. Like I mention earlier all crafting profession has an NPC in the room that you can purchase receipt and materials from go to the NPC and purchase enough material to complete your work order.
Every work order will give you more materials than required to complete the order, for example if it’s required of you to created 6 Lamp the crafting profession trainer would give you enough material to create 8 to cover the failures. What I like to do with the material that can be purchase through the NPC, is that I purchase enough material to complete the work order at least 4-5 times, which will be enough to move on to the next work order. You don’t have to do it my way, you can do whatever you like, I just find it time saving.
Now to reach 399P just repeat the above steps over and over again, new work order are giving out every 10 P, so 1P, 10P, 20P, etc….

What is Proc ?

In order to obtain unique items with bonus stats it must proc. When you doing Armor smith, Weapon Smith, Handicraft, or Sewing most items are crafted as normal standard white name items, and they all have a chance to proc. For example if your crafting a white named plate boots, it would have a chance to proc as a green named plate boots. Another additional feature in Aion Crafting is that once certain item has proc’d green, you have to choice to use a better receipt to proc it again in to a blue, or gold named item with super bonus stats, however if that fail you will at least have the green item.

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