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Aion 2.6 features and guide

Aion 2.6 launched on 3rd August after waiting some time. How you feel about it after playing some time? What features and changes you have found in Aion 2.6?
Now the Crucible Challenge is a solo instance; the Auto Group feature is introduced in Aion 2.6; these Named Monsters no longer drop Fabled weapons, now drop Fabled Loot Chests; Runaway Poppy is a new production pet introduced in 2.6; while there are no new skills in Aion 2.6. There are many more changes and features in Aion 2.6. Here we will let you know what they are.

Aion 2.6 features and guide

Crucible Challenge
You are able to gain Crucible Insignias faster than normal When you are running both the Empyrean Crucible and the Crucible Challenge. For Crucible Challenge, the re-entry time is 22 hours.

Auto Group
For joining an Auto Group, you have two choices. One is creates a new Group from players in the queue for the Instanced Dungeon. And another is places the player in an existing Group in an Instanced Dungeon in progress. You just can use the Auto Group for Nochsana Training Camp, Fire Temple, Steel Rake, Dark Poeta, Upper Udas Temple, Lower Udas Temple and Empyrean Crucible.

Fabled Loot Chests
Named Monsters now drop Fabled Loot Chests which contain one weapon or piece of armor suitable for the character class that opens it.
Weapon Distribution by Class

Aion 2.6 Weapon Distribution by Class

Armor Distribution by Class

Aion 2.6 Armor Distribution by Class

Crafting Updates
There are two major additions to the Crafting system. The first addition affects elemental stones. You can now purchase designs to break down elemental stones into lower grade forms. These new designs have several practical applications.
The second addition is related to combat scrolls. These new designs offer an alternative to craft the four standard types of combat scrolls from materials found in Balaurea, rather than materials from Asmodae or Elysea. The introduction of these designs ensures that players no longer have to travel back to lower level zones to gather materials.

Runaway Poppy

Aion 2.6 Runaway Poppy

Runaway Poppy is a new production pet introduced in 2.6, and can be purchased with Crucible Insignias in the Marchutan Priory or Kaisinel Academy.
By participating in the Crucible Challenge, you will acquire Poppy Snacks, which Runaway Poppy will scarf down with much delight. Each time Poppy eats a Poppy Snack, it will produce a reward bundle which can contain a number of useful items.