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The Mmosale 2016 Black Friday has Arrived!

Black Friday -The annual retail shopping bonanza, falls on Friday November 24 to 27 this year. We have prepared lots of amazing gifts for all of you. You are just one click away from getting them. Join now!

black friday

List of our special offers for 2016 Black Friday Sales
  -  3% discount for orders under 20€.
  -  2€OFF for orders20€- 49€.
  -  6€ OFF for orders 50€- 99€.
  -  14€ OFF for orders over 100€.
All discounts outlined above can be acquired by clicking the icon in shopping cart page.

We will draw out severallucky customers during the sales every day.
Each of them can get one of the following rewards: one free-of-charge order, 50% or 30% discount bonus, extra 30% ,50%, or 100% free coins.

What are you waiting for ? Join us now!