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Mmosale is looking for long-term, stable partners. If you have stable in-game gold to sell, will be a good buyer. We have been in this business for more than 12 years and have accumulated a large number of regular customers. You send us the gold, gil, coins, etc. and we send you the cash. Safe and Secure! If interested, please contact us via :



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Warhammer Online

> Warhammer: A Look at PvE Dungeons

Despite 2008 being "the year of Player vs Player", most gamers still derive a large portion of their in-game excitement from PvE dungeons, instances, and raids. With this in mind, Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online creators have put together a three part mini-series on the dungeons gamers can find throughout their game. The final installment of the series went up over the weekend, and gamers can now read up on five of the most deadly dungeons in WAR, including the Eternal Citadel and Altdorf Palace. The Eternal Citadel's halls are patrolled by deadly sentries, and roving eyes are everywhere. Tchar'zanek poses the largest threat to Order, and even without his Citadel's defenses he is a power to be reckoned with. Let none who cherish their lives face Tzeentch's chosen champion alone. For those that do, seeking to spill Tchar'zanek's blood, may Sigmar watch over them as they are torn asunder.

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