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> Experience and feelings of a WOWer-2

Buy equipments from raid grow up

Patch 4.3 time of buying equipments from raid spring up. I believe observant players know that, all T13 will get from the new dungeon The Dragon Soul, but justice point can only to be used to exchange some spare parts equipments, Why? Maybe Blizzard has already realized the failure reason of the CTM, so they began to suppress buy equipments from raid, this action have a big success, as a result, buying equipments from raid is gradually disappearing in CTM, so unfortunately, huge of players are AFK

I am tired

Casual players is the trend

rage of casual players

Actually, more and more WOW players become casual players, most of whom have played WOW for 6 years, now they have their own family, work. They love WOW game just the same as other players, because they have the most beautiful memories in playing WOW for the past 6 years.

But if playing WOW is going to be a burden, then they will definitely choose to AFK… Skilled players just like the upper part of the pyramid, on the contrary, casual players just like the bottom of the pyramid, the settings of CTM make casual players have no choice but to leave. I am one representative of the AFK players, neither I have enough nor fixed time to online. Occasionally, I will login WOW to do some daily questions, that’s all I can do in game now. I can’t raid with my guild, the raid leader asked me: will your online time fixed? Of course, I am not. I can’t join the farm raid, because I have no patience and time to be played by the boss. If I want to experience the new dungeons, therefore buy equipments from raid are my best choice. Would you please give me a reason to keep playing WOW while I can’t experience the new content? Blizzard knew the settings of CTM is a fault, but they don’t admit it. However, in patch 4.3, the way to get T13 is a perfect slap in the face to Blizzard.

The fault of difficulty

Be killed by the boss again

Maybe you will tell me: there have Dungeon Finder in game. Exactly, yes. But I think all WOW players know the dungeon of Zandalari, do you think they are difficult? Actually, they are easy, when you use the Dungeon Finder to join the Zandalari, you can always find one or two idiot partners don’t know how to do it, then your happiness for half an hour online time will be changed to three hours torment, WHY? Maybe you will feel greasy if you repeat to do relaxed things, but I think you will be tormented if continue to do stimulated things.

Maybe you will say: in Patch 4.3 there will have the Raid finder system. Well, do you think this is cool? In raid, low probability of fault tolerance, for example, in a 25 man raid, if one people make a mistake in fight with the boss, obviously, the player will die. Much of the time, they can’t defeat the boss. Look, the rolled boss is to become farm….. Dungeon Finder make people crazy, so please don’t talk with me about Raid finder anymore.

New players need live space

I have bad equipment

I am not sure if you are still remember, when we were in MC and BWL, we were always glad to take some new players (someone who have bad equipments) , give them the epic equipments which we wanted to decompose. The new players were very happy, and always said “thank you”. Maybe the new players will still remember what you have done for several years later. I am one of them who got the epic equipments from the raid when I was a new player. At that time, human kindness were full in guild, players were pure, few part of the players had the utilitarian mind. Looking around in game now, everything has changed, are you still willing to take new players in raid? All of the players become bad guys? NO, all of these are the fucking difficulties’ fault.

Players changed by the difficulty settings

If it’s easy to get an equipment, I’m glad to give it to new players. Otherwise, I think I will sell it to new players to get some gold. However if it’s the most hardest to get one, surely I will use it by myself. OMG, how about new players? Who cares? The more harder to get the equipments, the more indifferent we will become to the new players. Because we are losing our patience. New players can’t enjoy themselves in game very well, and old players AFK one by one… Now, I think Blizzard will sing the song from M.L.T.R : “that’s why you go away I know....”

WOW Illidan's lonely

When the end of the day of WOW comes, maybe I will feel sad.

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