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Guilds for Runes of Magic Players in Guild!

Those just are my experience when I play:).Almost all players who are 'stuck' in guilds where they are segregated to the 'lower' ranks i.e can not join in the big boy instances. i offer you some advice on it.

If you are a very active player but find ur efforts going to waste.If you feel like a bit of a lone ranger and aint getting ur full gaming experiance out of Runed of Magic it is probly cos u fail to see what you really have to do to get into better instances and therefore better gear.

This is my tryed and successful guide to being a all round better player and contributor to the game its self.So to begin with there are these basics to the game and what people are endlassly grinding for.

clean high dura items
clean stats
money to buy diamonds to then buy puries to make stated gear, unless u buy dia with real money then u save ur self this bit oh and ofc the jewels to make +6 items

So when u first start off in pioneers colony u are confronted with almighty mushrooms and wolves to defeat xD

I say before all else u should do ALL quests u can and get to lvl 50+ as soon as possible. dont worry about items or wepons at this point. just get lvl 50+ as soon as possible. can be done in 2 weeks easy.

You dont actually yet need any good items. main time wasters are the quests when u need to find other players to help you on certain quests cos they are not possible at your level to solo. just skip these. for example the forsaken abbey quests, yuri, blood gallery, crafty bernok, necro, mystic alter quests. u can make up for the XP they give by doing dailys. it may take an extra weeks worth of dailys to get to the experiance points missed out on but its known that new players can spend months getting to lvl 30-40 cos they wait for their friends or look for people to try do these unnessecary quests.

So just do with the wepons and gear u get off quest rewards for now. cos the normal quests aint hard at all

You can dailys cos you get phirus tokens off them. save all these tokens for later.Ok so we are in pioneers colony to being with go fourth and pawn those mushrooms bats and wolves.

I think you should be about lvl 11 or 12 with in the first two hours of just following the game and reading all there is.Do all quests u can on ur own and do the highest lvl daily u can, or the daily thats easiest with the best rewards.Dailys are marked with blue '!' on ur map and can be done 10 times per day hence why we call them dailys...

Next area : varanas.Here u get to go to the big castle - again plenty of quests here to do
and i repeat just skip blood gallery, forsaken abbey and any quest u cant do on ur own. keep on getting lvls using other quests or just dailys if u have to. believe me its the fasted way.And also DO NOT bother with any armour sets... they are not worth while at all at this time, just another distraction and time waster really.Next area : silverspring continue questing and lvleling.You would probly have come across a few 'vahtos' quests now. they are hard but they do offer potentially nice rewards. but i would still say if u need a lot of help doing these, dont bother now.

However if u do complete the vahtos quests. ALWAYS choose the mage vahtos set even if u are a full melee class. cos the mage vahtos are much much more valuable and overpowering than the melee ones. the melee ones aint worth while using. u can just use normal jewels instead if u are melee class.

The higher dura (100+) mage vahtos are worth over 2 million gold each depends on which one exactly tho. this is a great bonus if u are lucky enough to get a few of these ones also avoid necropolis of mirrors quests too for now.Just do ur dailys to make up for it.This area isnt as fast as the previous and u may spend a few days here cos the quests require a lot of team work and u may find ur self having to do 2-3 days worth of dailys to get past the lvls.Next area : obsidian stronghold.Lots of quests lots of dailys. this area shouldnt take as long as harf trading post. just keep on lvling as fast as possible.Next area : ravenfell lvl 46+,again a nice quik area with good quests,and then the next area weeping coast lvl 50 +,also lots and lots of quests here to fill ur lvls up.

You should have a good feel for the game now and after doing the weeping coast area u should have a lot of decent quest rewards, the +35 stats

+ 35 stats are more than enough to be able to do the cyclpos lair and kalin shrine instances...

I hope u have got a few friends along ur journey so far.