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EVE Online Isk

Customer Rating: Total 152 customers reviews.
Average Delivery Time: 10.62 hours(in past 7 days) Details
Delivery TimeOrder Percentage
0-2 hours41.03%
2-12 hours25.64%
12-24 hours15.38%
24-48 hours17.95%
48-72 hours0%

Note: Canceled orders are not included. Very few orders were delivered after 72 hours (less than 1%)

ProductPricePromotionAdd to Cart
10000 Million ISK $111.42 $
9000 Million ISK $100.28 $
8000 Million ISK $89.36 $
7000 Million ISK $78.40 $
6000 Million ISK $67.37 $
5000 Million ISK $56.29 $
4500 Million ISK $50.79 $
4000 Million ISK $45.26 $
3500 Million ISK $39.70 $
3000 Million ISK $34.12 $
2500 Million ISK $28.50 $
2000 Million ISK $22.86 $
1500 Million ISK $17.19 $
1000 Million ISK $11.49 $
900 Million ISK $10.39 $
800 Million ISK $9.24 $
700 Million ISK $8.08 $
600 Million ISK $6.93 $
500 Million ISK $5.77 $

Customer Rating Details

Reviews for EVE Online
Total 152 customers reviews.
Rating system began in December, 2009.

Product Rating

Write a review Categories: EVE Online
Overall Rating:      Total 152 customers reviews.
Customer Comments: LAST 5
Kaedon Tor
Personal Rating:            Rating Date: 05/25/2014

comment: I have been using this site for a long time over several games with no problems, Until Eve online, I got a quick response after a customer sales reply but the delivery agent did not have good English so was hard to understand what they wanted me to do, this is partly due to Eve's rules but I have bought from another place before with no problems. I wont bye Eve isk from here again but will continue to do simple business for other games in the future. Thanks for your quick response and you did try, partly my fault I guess. see you soon

Fritz Gerlich
Personal Rating:            Rating Date: 07/17/2013

comment: No delivery at all, Iwill tell all my friends to not buy here

Colorado Springs
Personal Rating:            Rating Date: 06/26/2013

comment: Smooth transaction and easy delivery.

Kalle the Horst
Personal Rating:            Rating Date: 03/24/2012

comment: Amazing Service! Uhhhm Yeah i will order more at the next time. Thank you very much, we will see us again.


Personal Rating:            Rating Date: 02/19/2012

comment: 10 min. after i ordered it i had \"my\" isk ;D
rly nice.
Im sure I`ll do it again.. some day.. ^_^

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